I have been experiencing uncontrolable muscle tremors after any physical activity lasting more than 10 minutes. This has been going one for some years now, but lately it seems to get worse and worse.


I haven't been diagnosed with any illness and had blood analysis done lately. All blood levels are normal.


Has anyone experienced this on a continual basis and knows why this happens and what to do about it? My own research hasn't gotten me very far on this subject. I need to tackle this obstacle as I have an old house and huge garden that require a lot of work, but my body is rebelling.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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  • Hello Ravenwallsdotter..

    I have several ideas that may very well help you with this. Please email me privately. :) I will be addressing your diet as well as your energy centers. 



  • Feather Winger so cool!! 5d medicine is here!!

  • I am most grateful for all advice and ideas all you lovely caring people gave me and I wish to thank you for having taken the time to reply to a subject that in the greater view of what's going on these days is most probably of very small importance.

    Your caring intentions mean a lot to me :-)

    Time to log out now, it's the middle of the night again, and I'm not even tired. As usual, for some reason my dream time schedule has shifted to very late night/early morning. Trying to live normal hours seems impossible right now.

    Good night everyone and sweet dreams.

  • me too,but i think its linked to the rising energies and poles shifting.Just my two cents.The so called speeding up of time.The shakes.I have been getting better at controlling it by holding positive thoughts.Losing fear ect.Also in my case could be a medical issue,we as a people are being hammered by radiation nerve agents,Just hold your love.And loose all concerns if possible
    blessings and love
    • I'd buy that conversation for more than two cents. hehe :) :) :) Good stuff. 

      Geesh.. I have really noticed a major rise in the vibes of people on this site. I read something from someone I have not met at all and just feel thankful for their contribution to the world as part of the ground crew. It was not like that sever months ago! :) 

      Have a super day riderr! 

    • Thank you, riderr. I'm not ruling anything out, just never looked at it as an ascension symptom, because it's been going on for several years now, but anything is possible.

      Are you referring to chemtrails and such when writing about radiation nerve agents?

      Have a most blessed day :-)


      • Speaking of chemtrails, I get achy muscles when there is heavy spraying. The Aluminum can do this. I find taking coloidal silver really helps.

        • Thank you for your advice Two Feather. Actually, I'm wondering if they're spraying at all here. The only thing I see in the sky are commercial airliners from the airport with normal trails. I never seem to see the chem trail patterns as displayed on the videos.

          Have a most blessed day :-)

  • Try get a bit of detox in you, bentonite ( a phyllosilicate clay ) is excellent at getting rid of heavy metals and other hyrous elements from the body!

    Water is important, maybe get a tesla plate!  

    Nutrients and well I would say more exercise!  

    • Thank you Lewis. I'll look into information about bentonite and tesla plates. I'd love being able to exercise more, but at this point I'm struggling to get even daily home tasks done. Taking baby steps here :-)
      Have a most blessed day.

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