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Cuddy, PA


December 22

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I awoke in 2003 and did not understand what was happening. Under the assumption that i hit nirvana and was going to die soon i decided to with drawl from awakening. I knew i saw othrs like me but i didnt seek to learn. Well regardless of me likeing it or not i have been receiving much calling. Even during my resleeping that i induced with medicines for depression i still held many gifts. Now i want to embrace this calling full heartedly and i want back the love,peace,beauty i held before

dazzleday replied to dazzleday's discussion stay out of the way
"your so close to completeing your ascension.You have so much ability that its amazing. I didnt like myself while i was a skeptic. Good riddins that changed into my being completely open. I believe when im told about this or that because gut instict…"
Feb 21, 2012
dazzleday replied to dazzleday's discussion stay out of the way
"Ways i have learned to higher my vibration. I stopped using,thinking,and accepting words of lower vibration. Like, im JUST a vessel its NOT of my doing but gods. Or its hard to drive a car,anythin limiting. It is you who can so stop lowering your…"
Feb 21, 2012
dazzleday replied to dazzleday's discussion stay out of the way
"This is extremely interesing information. I know this much as far as atom manipulation,its vague but a good start, i know for a fact atom manipulation can be acheived with ease once we learn to set ego aside. To set ego aside completely would be…"
Feb 21, 2012
dazzleday replied to dazzleday's discussion stay out of the way
"Yes when i awakened one big reason i started taking medication,which lowered my vib,was because i was attackd on so many levels by family,a new relationship by one who seeked me out with charm that turnd to evil. At that time of imaturiy i did not…"
Feb 21, 2012

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𝒮𝒜𝒩 不滅 left a comment on Comment Wall
"It's just freaky and will of cause not really work! Iluminati and their idiotic Projects for non sense. I guess they do this for long time."
46 minutes ago
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Agarther Z left a comment on Comment Wall
"good to know there is a "network" of starseeds who are active with the GFL on the ground, it has maybe really already happened in the higher dimensions and has only to materialize here at our level ;) have a great weekend my friend"
2 hours ago
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Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
"Yes indeed, Agarther Z, we owe the Russians much....We have Sirian GFL Ground Crew members, over there, also.....I won't mention her name here, but there is a very beautiful/intelligent/vivacious/humourous telepath in Russia, who has amazing…"
3 hours ago
AshtarSupremeLight commented on AshtarSupremeLight's blog post False Ashtar sheran, many name. SUPREME ASHTAR LIGHT, REAL ASHTAR
"Respect acc guidelines, thanks from Supreme ashtar and intergalactic"
3 hours ago
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"Stay tune for Captian Supreme Ashtar final Speech to public. By hidden speaker. Ashtar take all the news, internet and phone This time and radio. Coming any day. LOVE SUPREME INTERGALACTIC ASHTAR. ashtar is here!"
3 hours ago
AshtarSupremeLight posted a blog post
Galactic false ashtar sheranFalse teaching books and over channeling that used of many name. False exit. ARE Some what closed to understanding exit. Most book written of Ashtar. Name is wrong. GRADE F or C or D.  Book written of Ashtar correct…
3 hours ago