Hello wonderful people, 

I am opening up and putting my feelings out there, advice is welcome.

I saw a UFO today I think a cigar in the clouds of Southampton only saw it for maybe 3 seconds? there was a confirmed scout ship last week also.

sorry for my 'skeptical' and fearful posts recently I couldn't believe the response on THE BACKUP  PLAN.

 I need advice, 

My girlfriend and I have been having troubles the past few months, sadly I have been confused with how I felt and attempted to split about a month ago, she went back home to Romania to see her family and returned to uni about 2 weeks ago.

We talked and and said we could mend and pull through as we still declared love for each other still.

however this weekend she changed her mind apparently and decided to quit on us. 

I am dealing as well as possible and meditating deeply.

I love her so much, I know I am young but this women is incredible and I do not want to loose her because of mistakes I have made and hurt I have caused. 

I have been having a rough patch and been very unclear with myself and my own feelings.

I bumped into her today at the library too which was awkward and she talked to me and we communicated but nothing serious it was brief, she seems to be on the defensive.

i have been with her for nearly 2 years and I really just don't want to quit. 

she says I've changed and that I am not as happy as I used to be, the fact I talk about UFO's and have different and new views than i did when I met her, yes I have changed. These things I did not know or really consider last year. 

but I took alot of resentment and pain on for what my eyes have been opened too recently, such as our economy our systems and general disbelief as how we can be so ridiculous as a collective.

I REALLY HOPE that things discussed on this website are true and things to become reality for I think this would let her see me in truth what it is i have experienced and want to help and share. 

In truth, I became more short and less cheerful as she had met me and we existed in bliss for many months I have been impatient and a bit pushy too and not as considerate as I can be and would like to be. 

I've quit habits that no longer serve me and taken big steps in the past week in an attempt to show and stand to her for how I really feel.

she is I think still in love with me as these feelings don't reside well, emotions and feelings have been pressured in the past month or two in particular.
she studies law which is a very heavy subject at this uni as it is the best in the UK and her homesickness does get on top of her. I have done my best to cope and support her these past months and year, yet it really takes it out of me also which is why I think things have also gotten worse.

she also witnessed me falling out with family on occasion, now i have rectified and made steps with my family in order to improve my relationship with my nearest and dearest. She told me this weekend she was upset by this and I am ashamed, deeply as it is not what I really stand for and would like to think I am like. 

 I will be meeting her on the weekend to get some of my things and hopefully have a little catchup and talk again. I really hope. 

My intentions now I am clearer and more balanced are; to be with her, support her and do all in my power to open her to remember that we had something wonderful and my immaturity and intensiveness and BOTH of us not communicating effectively.  

I love her and I miss what we had and I feel inside of me that there may just be a small chance that we could rekindle things and make a fresh start. For this is the way of life and the way of love in some cases, it would be a shame to throw everything away because of silly mistakes. 
I feel guilt and great disappointment in myself. 

I am doing my best to deal and prepare for the worst which is and has really already happened. Breakup. 

I shaved my head for clarity and freshness and she saw me today and I think was shocked a bit, but this was not my intention. 

Assist and guide me fellow warriors, beings, all. 

Many of you have more life experience so please. I ask you. 

thank you for reading this far, it means an awful lot. 



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  • you are very true and agree so much with everything people are saying 

  • Sorry for your sadness.  Please know that guilt is only useful as a tool for change.  Do not hold on to guilt.  One thing I've noticed is that people do go seperate ways.  Like minded, like Hearted souls attract.  I don't know your relationship personally, obviously, but from what  you wrote, it seems to me as if you've been waking up.  Maybe she is not following the same path as you right now.  Also, situations like this don't necessarily mean they'll stay this way.  She may be doing some Soul searching herself.  The Truth about our global situation will come out here eventually into the public eye.  Be patient.  Don't forget who you are and what you're learning.  Remain grounded and open to all possiblities.  It is my belief that everything happens for a specific reason.  We don't always know "the reason" at the time... but be patient and the answers will come.  Try to move through your sadness... Feel it and let it go.  Don't hold on to negative emotions.  They won't do you any good.  Some people are not ready for all the changes.  Everyone is working on their own Soul path.  Try to see the bigger picture and go w/ the flow, no matter what that means.  I hope your Spirits lift to a happier state.  I know it can be rough, but hang in there.

    • she is a very spiritual person and awoke before I did, I think she is frustrated with me as I did not reach the conclusion of that love is all and love is one and we are one in happiness. 

      i was too full of anger and misery for what she saw many years ago.  

      she wanted me to live the moment and be happy now in the now.  

      • Thats ok Lewis,

        ultimately you came to your own realisation in your own time, dont worry about it <3

  • dear Lewis, everything that happens in this life is good for your personal growth...this applies to 100% of occasions ever happened to me...of course they seem to be tragic, hopeless or unfair in this moment when they occur, but years or decades later you will be able to see the "point".

    another is important to accept things as they come, but accpeting doesnt mean that you just sit and wait or let go, i think (just my opinion) you should go and prove your feelings as much as you can and if the answer still is No, then its probably meant to be.

    Everything is a flow, sometimes people realize what they have when it is going to slip away but i think that in many cases (not all) these attempts to win sbd-s heart back is an act of ego ... i am not saying that is your case, because you have written this post here with a deep emotion in it... you really seem to love her.

    Probably this wasnt much advice but anyway...the only advice you should really consider is from your heart ;) ...just "fight" for you love accepting the results. We will keep our fingers crossed :)

  • Woman sometimes like weather they silly or not sure what is good word for it.
  • Hey Lewis,

    What a life lesson you are in!!!! You've already got such great advice from everyone. I would  only add that I believe the whole ufo/higher beings/ascension process IS happening.  Plus, it sounds like you have lessons in forgiving yourself...unconditional love is about being without judgment, and you need to have that for yourself before you can give it to anyone else. I send you lots of hugs :)  It will work out for the best for both of you, no matter the outcome

  • In regard to relationships, I probably can't offer any tactile advice except if you want something and it's meant to be then it will happen relatively naturally, once you start over-thinking things it's probably gone past the point that is recoverable.  Why don't you try just being her friend and at least keep some kind of "connection"?

    If you truly love this person and your willing to go "above and beyond" by not being too overbearing but allowing yourself to show true friendship she will most likely respect that, and you can move on from there.

    If she is studying law, and you aren't planning any future career's for yourself that may also be a reason that she feels the connection on a deeper level may not last, but that may not be the case.

    I think being there as support in the capacity of a "friend" is even more valuable than a romantic relationship sometimes,  and if our consciousness is expanding and keeps expanding at the rate that it is, the dynamics of relationships will change anyway as we change.

    I don't even try to have a relationship anymore like I did in the past.  I've changed so much, that I don't feel it even fits in with what we are becoming as a galactic race (and who I am becoming).

    I know that great things are in store for us, but I wouldn't for one second tell you not to try to go for what you are attracted to, because I know how passion is, and it's a powerful thing :)  But you can always put your passon into other things and manifest your hearts desires :)...

  • awwe Lewis mate -i feel for ya i really do ....

    its really shitty when stuff like this happens; but you got to realise even though you have changed (as she said) change is part of your evolution!

    Im sure she loves you, she's probably stressed because i know how Law is, its so intense (i studied it back at college) so all you can do is be patient and a good friend to her.

    -yes the ufo stuff is true -things will come to pass - & at the right time - lol

    You'll be alrite mate, its gonna feel crap for sometime, time is a healer, (its a good time for you to meditate and relax) know all is well, things happen to strengthen us, and the universe/source wants you to be happy!!!

  • Dear Lewis,

    Try to regain your balance first, not focusing on wanting or not wanting. Search for your inner peace, regardless the outcome of this relationship. First love and peace within.

    She probably doesn't need to remember you had something wonderful, she knows.

    As you wrote yourself, she thinks you have changed and from what you write seems that you did.

    Be a good friend to her now, without expecting more and find peace and joy in yourself. Doing so, you will radiate a most pleasant energy that no doubt she will pick up and react to.

    Do not worry about the outcome. Some relationships are meant to last and some are for a short learning purpose.

    Try to go with the flow here.

    Love and Light you, dear Lewis.

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