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I was born in Greece in a village called Klenies in a Christian Orthodox family where my father happened to be the Priest/Preacher/cleric of the Village. From a very young age I started to dislike systems, ideas, social stereotypes and attitudes of people that want you to be and behave in a certain way. I also started to distrust almost everything as I always felt that something is not right with the way things are presented and explained to people by the main street media, religions, sciences and politics. In the age of 18 I went to serve the army for 6 months as it is by law compulsory over here in Greece. In my 20s I joint college and completed a 2 your course in Digital Graphic Design. In 06-04-2001 and age 23 I left Greece and went to England as I was fed up with everything and everyone and somehow felt that I had to re-program my life and set it right. I started to work in nursing homes as a support worker. I joint Pool & Bournemouth College and studied English for 3 years. In 2004 I moved to London and worked with autistic children for a year. In 2005 I started working with people with mental health problems in different special homes and services. In year 2005 I started researching Billy Meier’s case, Paranormal Activities, Politics, Black projects and all related topics. I also started a one year course “Promotion of products online”. In 2007 I experienced a personal mental collapse, where I almost lost my mind and experienced very strange things in my physical and mental body. At the end of year 2007 I decided to return to Greece. In 2009 me and other 3 partners started running our own business (Computer repairing, Internet Café Shop, Technology equipment trading). In 2011 I decided to quite my business and follow my passion which is research, spirituality, science, universe and social developments that improve well being from every angle.

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  • dear George,have a very blessed weekend,love,light,blessinge eve. CIRCLES OF LIGHT FOR PROTECTION. LIGHTCIRCLE.GIF

  • hi George,

      thanks for your freindship. Am an american and i've been living i Thailand for 15 years.

    I am also and artist - i do design and illustration, like woodcarving. a friend of mine got me into the galactic federation of light around 10 years ago.  It's a good time to be alive, isn't it!

    i think we're going to have quite an interesting future! let's keep in touch and help the world progess into the golden age!


    peace and love ! John

  • Thank you for your friendship, George, I appreciate your words very much :)  Please feel free to look through my blogs and groups, you may enjoy some of them :) 

    Namaste, sending light to you and yours,


  •  Thank you George for sending your friendship. I am Honored.

  • Hi bro, well I hope you will find lot of your answers here.

  • I'm happy to be your friend, George. I was reviewing your profile and noted you have worked with children with autism. They are amazing. I too, have worked and learned much from their uniqueness, which broke through and opened my own perceptual limits as a teacher. To your ever expanding joy!

  • I am very flattered for all these beautiful words, George:) Thank you and welcome to this awesome place - ACC!

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  • dear George,first of all,welcome to ACC,you will be very happy here,being able to interact with like-minded souls as yourself,there are so many souls of light on ACC,that are helping to shine there light beacons with Mother Earth to retain the light,(you would know what i mean by that saying) thankyou also,George for your friendship,there are many light beacons on ACC,that help to retain the light with Mother Earth,and it is a joy to be a part of there connection and frienship,sending you many blessings for today,have a very blessed one,love,light,blessings eve.8113587284?profile=original

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Nov 2, 2020
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"truly beautiful"
Aug 15, 2015
George commented on Yessica's blog post Alien Message to Mankind: “Do You Wish That We Show Up?”
"Sounds like they are desparate to show up, our energies is something worth investing on. looks like they need something. they maybe be our family. chould be something alse,  will see"
Aug 15, 2015
George commented on Brett Berg's blog post Give Your Permission Now For The GFL To Broadcast On Main Stream TV Media LIVE
"go on guys ... go on galactic ... do something for the 3D understanding .... you say you do so much around the planet whitch is wonderfull but its hidden from 3D understanding.  do something that people can see hear understand ..."
Jul 24, 2012

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"Those who believe animals have no right to live then they also have no right to live"
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"These hieropgliphic texts if one cannot decode, the subconscious mind can. And would use it at a later time once the need arises. Same with the symbols and crop circles, we just need to view it and let the subconscious mind do the rest."
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"This is interesting stuff 🙂

Tribes in the desert for fourty years = Moses, his tribe(s) and offspring?"
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  About Video Clip of Cern Ritual This was said to be a Hoax however, very commonly during their rituals its a Mock sacrifice. For example its thought that they do the Mock ritual, in attempts to excite the Spirits, and so it can be done in Public…
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""activated/deactivated with intent/will, we are not determined by our genes?"

Yes, the human gene looks almost the same as that of worms, or should I say no one can explain how the vast difference between a worm and a human arises only from how the…"
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"What colour was the blood of that ugly predator in that Schwarzenegger's movie? Was it blue or green? I remember it seemed to have been glowing like a glow worm. That was the only beautiful thing about that ET!😆"
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"So the Germans want to prevent the UK from implementing our own laws, passed in our own Parliament...?? Namely the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill, which past the Commons....My advice to the Germans is BOG OFF.....WE DON'T NEED YOU INTERVENING…"
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"Well as spiritual beings we are way beyond our genetics, but as spiritual beings evolving in physicality, it is in our individual and collective interests, to safeguard our genetics, so that we may each ascend to higher physical perfection, as…"
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