Sounds like a countdown is on. I hope everyone stocked up on food, water, meds, pet supplies, and gas… just in case we experience lockdowns, curfews, etc. while the arrests take place.

You may have seen this clip below in other videos, but folks, you can hear it directly from the US Army. “a peaceful transition to MILITARY POWER”.

Sleepy, creepy Joe Biden, Big Mike Obama, Hitlary Clinton—none of them will be President. Not happening. That would mean a coup d’état took place and we all just stood by and let it happen. We’re not going to do that.

The American People voted overwhelmingly for President Donald Trump on November 3rd and we will see justice done. If the military has to step in to ensure a peaceful transition then more power to them. It will be more peaceful that way.

I fully support the notion that President Trump should distance himself from all of this. It’s not about him; it’s about a stolen election and a hijacked government. The People deserve to see justice done.


Simon Parkes reports today on a cascade of high level resignations—just as we were told would happen.

Some, like Chief Justice Roberts will be outed, while others will be allowed to slink away quietly, tail between their legs, if they will agree to simply get out of the way; to leave and never come back. We also hear there will be a number of suicides but they may not be reported as such.

Right at press time this came in from one of my sources. Lin Wood has done another explosive reveal. It supports what Simon Parkes posted earlier today. It sounds like it’s the same video with the speaker blurred out.


If one day I wake on this or a different timeline where Trump is reinstated as President, and all those Commie rats plus Gates, Fauci, presstitutes, their pimps and untold others are awaiting execution, that would be a day worth getting up for.

Oh how I pray.

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  • All this has to come down and people need to find ways to survive it's going be a long bumpy ride for next few years and it will be a dark period for many.
  • To heck with Biden he is bad foreign influence and will be removed- maybe some persons bosses think they can but most of the world knows they cannot.
  • Meanwhile Biden is preparing 17 executive oders to be signed in his first day in the office.😕
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