Join David and Dannion on 12/12 as we examine stunning UFO disclosure prophecies that are coming true now! Recent intel has surfaced suggesting that a plan for disclosure is already being moved upon, and was called off by the "Galactic Federation" since humanity was not quite yet ready. We apparently need to calm down and rest before we get the truth! This has staggering implications. We will also explore already-existing prophecies that reveal critical new insights into what is happening right now. Don't miss it!

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  • Let us have a huge hope that the Galactic federation will help us! Humanity needs their help. Thank you Universe and thank you Ashtar.
  • Thanks you for such good news. I'm a fan of David. I've read three of his books and The Law of One. Keep on keeping on.
  • Thank you for sharing David and Dannions video. I've heard bits and pieces while my computer was in the shop. This video put it all into perspective. I'm firmly convinced that there will be divine intervention at some point, but only when people think all is lost. The cry for help will be heard and acted upon, and a "Hail Mary Pass" will occur. and then peace will reign. This scenario could be avoided if enough people turn to love and let go of all fear, no matter what.
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"But I agree with you that large scale pacifism of masses is a deadly poison. However, I dont think that meditation necessarily leads to this, nor that pacifism is championed exclusively by communist. Rather everyone of those in power loves it.…"
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"Another thing you get wrong is associating meditation with communism. 'Marxism' came less than two centuries ago while meditation was there tens of thaosands of years ago. Furthermore US is not under a threat of 'soviet aggression'. The vice-versa…"
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(International Jewry has declared war on truth! This documentary like many others that are exposing the greatest lies of the 20th century surrounding the life and story of Adolf Hitler and WWII, has been deleted, blocked, and banned world wide not…
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Roaring Lovely commented on Holloworld's blog post Where you at now Q-Trump Huh?!!! "Trust the plan"
"There was a time I was the only one here railing against the idea that people should lessen or stop thinking altogether. We were told that to truely understand the universe, one should use the heart, not the mind. One should 'feel', not 'think'.…"
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"(A summary of the article "Subversive and Pacifying Spirituality" with some additional info, link below)

Meditation is a very useful tool to raise your consciousness, to get more self-awareness, control over emotions, and to undo your programming /…"
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