A lot of channelled messages are becoming boring and a lot are like made up and very few are actually genuine.

Please recommend your best chanellers and give good reasons why you selected and follow this Chaneller so others looking for genuine chanellers can follow.

Brad Johnson has quiet a lot of followers :

Check @ https://www.newearthteachings.com/

 Bashar has quiet a lot of followers ..

Check @ https://www.bashar.org/

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  • Yes..Brad Johnson Adronis, Bashar, Daniel Scranton channels everyone,I have lots of his recordings,Sharon Stewart channels IVO,Judy Satori,Wendy Kennedy...I belong to the Stargate Experience Academy and Prageet Harris and Julieanne Conard channel Alcazar of the 12th.dimension
    Sharon Stewart of Implant Communications works with Ashtar Sheran as an ambassador of Earth..Theyre going into the DUMBSs and using other helpers to clear the negative energies out of there ,I helped a few times when she wanted volunteers, Jim Charles and Human Colony are wonderful,Steve Noble,sharons website=sharonandivo.weebly.com....Brad Johnson has digital Mind Code Healing Cards out now...purchase @newearthteachings.com(they are "b" amazing,Jamye Price is a great channeller(these are all my truth chancellery that I can think of at the moment) Sharon- Ann- Riley...thats it for me!
  • I enjoy Ronna Herman. I feel that she does an awesome job channeling AAMichael. I hope I'm not wrong, but if I am, someone please correct me. I'm pretty new to 5D, and learning about ascension, etc. But the more I learn, the more I begin to realize how much I do not yet know. This is all exciting. :-)
    • We are always learning.....knowledge =light..
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"High blood pressure can be lower by breathing deeply and repeating until it goes back to what it should be..."
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"That is exactly true, Krishna. The propagition he gave them was with the stipulation that all tecnology would be free for all people and no price tag put on them and some denied help. They had a "Light/Sound" process with Cryst that would extend…"
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"I was afrraidI was running out of room so closed that one...Forgive any typs I didn't let a chance to edit and my eyes are not too good right now ... but I wanted to say this.
I believe Frank Strnges wa a sincere man that perhaps met Val through his…"
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