January 17, 2021


Patriots, allow me to say it again, HERE WE GO! Your patience has payed off, or if you are one that came up a little short in the patience department, (as most of us are at times), there is no need to wait any longer, the end game is upon us, we will very soon hear the word CHECKMATE, if not literally, at at least figuratively. "THE PLAN" is about to achieve it's purpose of defeating the [D]eep State.

It seems that either today, or tomorrow, we will hear the words from our President, we have awaited, for what seems a very long time. From all I've been able to ascertain, President Trump, will begin a series of broadcasts either today, or Monday, over the Emergency Broadcast System, that will carry his messages both across our country, and across the world.

We're near the moment, we will either be asked to stay in our homes, or possibly we will come under Marshall law, and be ordered to stay indoors. Either way, this will be done to keep us safe from any skirmish that may arise, during the massive number of arrests that will be made. Our military has a heavy presence in our nations capital, and has said to be deployed in all of our state capitals, being part on more than over 400 cities across the country where the military is deployed. Please rest assured the White Hat Alliance have everything under control. In countries all over the world, militaries under the leadership of President Trump, and the Alliance, will be carrying out similar operations simultaneously. The Alliance is taking back the control of the world from the Satanic, Deep State Cabal. Hallelujah!

Broadcasts will be made over the EBS, which will show many former leaders confessing their crimes, and will also give us a chance to see many of the horrifically evil acts many of them have committed. At this time, we will almost assuredly witness the greatest awakening in human history. Families at odds with each other will reunite, after the differences that forced them apart will disappear.

In a couple of months we will have new elections as required by the implementation of NESARA, and President Trump will become the first President of the new Republic. Having just entered the Age of Aquarius, coupled with the fall of the Cabal, we will transition into a world President Trump has often spoke of when he said numerous times, "The best is yet to come!"


As we spend time, perhaps isolated from others, please continue to be in prayer for safety of our President, his family, the Alliance, our military, and law enforcement.

As God loving people, we have so much to be thankful for. I'm thankful to be alive at this moment in history, in the generation that will witness the swords being turned into plowshares, the lion laying down next to the lamb, and to be living at a time when it will soon appear that we are living in Heaven on Earth.

May God Bless our new united world that is about to appear!






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  • Indigenous Alien...What I advice you is to go within your heart and "feel" the truth...The mind is a constant chatter but the heart is a sanctuary of Peace, Love and Truth...Do not pay attention to the messages as much as you pay attention to the President when he speaks...and then consult within how you feel about the messages and gestures directly from him...Feel the truth within you...and not what others tell you to believe...The reason you know so much about bad things is because they have been put there to confuse us all...He is the "one" to lead this great nation and the world to peace along with us helping him...It is up to ALL OF US...As within so is without...Each one of us is a participant...and we do this with our energy...So it is vital to be positive and not get attached or involved in judging others and/or to follow others words or actions...Blessings...
  • I got a question, let me set it up a bit... Regarding President Trump, etc. if one is to believe he is one of the good guys, can someone please explain to me how white supremacy, Nazis, can be considered good? I ask because I am seeking, I am confused by all the misinformation, but more than anything I am tired of discerning my way through miles of rhetoric redundancy that has no concrete proof. Please advise
    • This is religion, Indigenous Alien. You can ask what is it good about suicide bombings, sacrificing children, genocide, killing children, slavery, killing those who worship other gods, burning people forever in hell etc etc. What is it good about these things that we ate told that a loving, omnibenevolent being was championing all these in bible and Quran? Ask this to the religionists and you are simply discouraged from using your God given mind!

      So it is same to all religions, from trump messianism nonsense to the babaric guys in the bible. It makes people blind!
  • I believe to be able to "see" truth...
  • I am all for TRUTH. I will believe it when I see it.
    • That is what Trump is doing- you can tell some people truth forever and it will fester their souls but when it festers so much they will realize in their hearts, minds and souls that they have lived lies on top of lies and their whole being will realize that the truth has been there all along. Those who thought they had known all their lives certain things better than others will find a lot of emptiness.
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"I for one never need to figure out a group where an idea, belief etc belong to as a guide to judgement. I don't first categorize, then judge. This is dangerous and misleading. When we think this way, we can easily be manipulated by a few people.…"
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"Do not trust religious extremists..they are dangerous reptilians"
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"Beware of religious extremists..who force their religions on to others ...they actually do more evil and hide as religious extremists..they pretend to be good outer appearance but inside they are evil ..crooks .. liars..and corrupt"
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Here is how to test a 'quantum fanatic'. Tell him to volunteer in a 'schrodinger cat' type experiment. Isn't he saying quantum is cool? So why don't he get to the box and experience how cool it is to be 'both alife and dead'! Suggest this and all…

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