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  • Thanks LighWorker and Brendan for the GREAT Shares ~ Blessings ~ ;0)
  • New Twin Flame story posted by Molly and Lucas from the USA:


    Twin Flames - Molly and Lucas
  • Dear ALL...
    Light, Love and Peace to ALL we are ONE...Chichieun xx
  • Bert,

    That is very beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi everyone :) There is a new Twin Flame story posted by Anna and Miguel:

    Twin Flames - Anna and Miguel
  • Hi All,

    Physically we are all far apart, but can anybody tell something about me I am very very interested to know more.................

    CAN ANY BODY ??????????????

    At-least a fairly good wild guess ??????????????????

    I will be waiting ..............................
  • We are the wholeness of everything experiencing in a multi faceted way...recognise our own love, feel it and remember how it fulfills all you experience, then we remember we have no lack or loss no matter what we experience helps us to remember how whole we are even when we forget at the time..........we are complete yet our experiences in refelction helps us your perfect wholeness enjoy your experiences which take nothing from you muxh love to you xxxx
  • Sending love to all who wish to be found. I open my heart to receive life's blessings and ask for anyone to speak their truth to all who ask. I am on a path of infinite light connecting to my highest self through the eternal vortex of love. what better thing to do with the experience of life than fill it with all the love you can hold. Let us share our stories and connect with each other to receive life's blessings together. may we perpetuate the flow of love and and enhance our quality of life. We are ONE finding the other who is a piece of the whole who has found itself complete. unify and reply . please and thank you:) endless love and cosmic awareness to all the ways in which we create our world!!!
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Twin Flame or Soul Mate?

Soul mates create strong energies together?I can become completely drawn to this person and am really good at noticing his energy even when I dont want to. We were walking near each other when i got this uplifting feeling. At first it'll scare me and so i usually let it go. This time i held on and once i got used to it i realized how uplifting it was.Anyone know what this is?

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Please shine your lights on the following.

Fifteen years ago we first met and fell in love, but there was a slight problem; he was and still is a priest and a very conscious one. He explained that when he made that choice, it was not for 5,10 or 25 years but for his life. The first 10 years we had so many 'fights' caused by frustrations because we could not do anything with the feelings we had for each other and each fight leaving both very miserable. It was always me that had to make up, because his friends came to me asking for it…

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"Twin flames are usually assynchronis with events in their timeline that tend to line up…"
Nov 24, 2020
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"Dear Brett,
I think any soul can be your Twin Flame...
Even animals , Birds, wild animals, or any…"
Feb 2, 2015
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Jun 10, 2014
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"I have met and know my twin. I first saw him in a series of dreams that started a little over a…"
Mar 5, 2014