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January 4

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Several millions of other universal volunteers walk on the Earth. These are called "The Terran Eagles." All of them with a high degree of leadership for which will be elected in their training and instruction to be able to accomplish the part of the mission that falls on them. They have chosen to be present on the Earth to serve in the great harvest of souls that is happening. They exist and manifest in multiple dimensions and their high degrees of spiritual evolution allow them to rise or lower their vibrations to any dimensional plane to manifest their service. The volunteers are those that by their own choice were commissioned to prepare the planet and the earthly humanity for the transition to a level of superior life. The participation of this legion of volunteers is essential for that. They are based on Earth to facilitate the access of the earthly humanity to the fifth dimension. They serve as participants in the birth of humanity from the physical density to the light bodies physical/etheric, capable of ascending to the fifth dimension with the Earth. My interests and loves are my talents, and my talents are my service to the world: I am what some call a speaker; but many of us are in these days, however I yearn to follow in the footsteps of John Lennon, or any other musician who uses their medium to speak truth to the masses. I embody the personification of the Greek goddess Iris, whose duty it was to bring messages from the gods to the mortals, as such she is well equipped to travel the rainbow veil and capable of taking on many guises to assist her in the delivery. Metaphors, metaphors, metaphors. Words, words, words. I also draw with colored pencils and glitter paint. You'd be amazed what one can actually do with these simple items.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Seth Abraham John Lennon Buddha Alice Butler My twin flame And many, many more.

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  • thankyou for ur friendship :)
  • Hello Lovely!!! Thank you for the Friendship :) One Love<3
  • hi Iris,


    Would you like to join us in the chat room?

  • 8113762095?profile=original
  • BTW: Glad to hear that you enjoy electronic music as well! =)
  • You are very welcome, dear Infinity Of Iris! :D


    What about some meaningful chatting?


    Do you use ICQ or something like that?

  • You are the most intelligent and wise member I've discovered here so far...

    I would love to chat with you soon. Hopefully we will meet each other some day. =)

    Infinite Respect³ and Love³ flows out to you!!

    Julia_set_fractal.pngPS: Maybe you might enjoy some of the MP3s on my page... :D

  • Hello Irisinfinity.. you are very cool. I Love you .. :o) .. is that a pencil behind your ear? .. when I saw it first, I thought it was your elfin ear :o) - ( I have a sense of humour ) anyway.. I am glad to see you here .. your energy is super beautiful .. as you are :o)    8113726257?profile=original 
  • Hello Iris,thank you eversomuch for the friendship. It means much.I am quite sure that the google irises cannot compare to Irisinfiniti!:) It is indeed an honor to have you as a friend.In Love,Light and Service....stay blessed,


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