• My experience is that living with my Twin flame is very hard...

    I let go all the time and don' t want to expect anything as then it goes wrong.

    I treasure the few moment we can open our hearts together and if that only happens 5 mins a week I  can do it..

    We are being taken over by  'normal 3D' live and it is still so difficult to have an open heart in this world!

    But God do I love him! and the Univers wants us to be together and I have giving up everything to be with him.

    It was only possible (and is) after I let go of all the pain from the past and past lives and all of it, what was hard but got rewarded straight away. Cause when I did it at the same moment he send me an email that he wanted to come over!

    And maybe nice to know I did meet him on this site!

    Good luck all

    Let it go, it comes back when you really did  <3


  • just wanted to know if anyone else is still having twin flame symptoms and how they feel about their life now after meeting them,

    my life is good but the twin flame thing is still going on ......................

  • Hi, I have not find my twin-flame and now I am not so sure if I have one at all. Have you heard that some of us don´t have twinflame at all. My friend told me that someone has told her that she dont have it. I met my soulmate last year but he does not rekognize me at all. We are like friends but nothing else. Last year I attend a meditation for soulmate/twinflame but I did not feel anything. I also did myself angels twinflame meditation, but even there did not felt anything special. I liked to hear our comments, love sari

  • Hi there,

    this is my experience of what i think is my Twin Flame. I went to Madagascar in 2006 as a volunteer, where i met someone who i am going to call here P, to give her privacy. When i first met her and saw her it was an instant attraction and sense of familiarity and happiness at seeing her as if i was relived to see her. We were volunteering as part of a group and she was a staff member. I found myself being very attracted to her and like she was the most beautiful person i had ever seen to me and i wanted to be around her and talk to her all the time. I remember having great conversations with her that seem to last at least an hour, this was before i even knew what the concept of Twin flame was. I ended up getting sent home early from Madagascar which i was devastated about and it was great pain when i had to leave P and get on the plan back to England, as i felt i would never see her again, i felt like my soul was being tugged away from her.At camp i had become convinced i had found my soul mate (as i put it back than).

    Back in UK, i couldnt stop thinking about her and developed a photo of her that i would look at and try to feel a connection with, i tryed to communicate with her photo and talk to her in my mind. I thought it seemed the most normal thing to do at the time, even though i had never done it before. I called out in my head 'P i miss you' and got a reply after saying' I miss you too Natalie', which i thought was real telapathy, though i couldnt help but be sceptical too. I remember i kept trying to email her and phone her in Madagascar all the time, but got no reply and was told she was busy by others. Which made me wonder if she had even liked me. I came on too strong i worried and worried i would push her away being too demanding for her.

    Than a few months in October 2006, after looking at the photo of P alot, and trying to speak to her i suddenly started hearing her voice in my head and of two other people i met while in Madagascar, the photo also came to life where i had once been dead and static. P started to give me lots of love from a distance and communicate with me telapathically. But i got diagnosed with Psychosis, from a doctor and put on Olanzapine. To this day im still confused as to whether any of it was real and is real or just psychosis.  I experienced more encounters with the voices of P and the other two, where they told me information about myself such as me and P being twins they said we were half and half, or Twin souls, this information was told to me by the voices of H and S. Before i even knew what Twin Souls were. So i looked it up on the internet thinking it was just made up and found it to be a real phenomenan.

    Since 2006 i have had experiences of the voices in my head especially of P, who i believe is my Twin flame, she tells me information about myself and her, such as that she is not ready to see me yet in the physical and that she is afraid of me, but im not sure why, as ive done nothing to hurt her ever. I think sometimes one Twin flame is put off by the intensity of the interaction or one coming on too strong and obsessive, as in my case. She has poured pure love into me before several times which feels very blissful, and seems to want to heal me, i  am now learning to love her back too, as before i was quite selfish in the interaction. I wonder whether any of it is real or just pyschosis, but i have an open mind and know that Twin flames are able to love from a distance and do telapathy and remote view each other. Its not that out of the ordinary for them, though it might seem to average people. I  myself have wondered whether i am just delusional. All i know is the pills ive taken in the past have not got rid of the experiences and i function in reality normally, unlike with Schizophrenia. She has told me she will meet me when i am healthy, via telapthy.

    Thanks for listening to my story.

  • I have faithfully followed the guidence of my Angels, since they made me notice them, for months now. They know how important it was for me to find my true love, my Twin Flame. Well I am happy to say that on an important day in my life this past week, following the guidence from my Angles that day they ARRANGED for me to bump into my first Love from over 20 years ago in a supermarket. I received many Angel numbers telling me our meeting was in the works and even got a Rainbow when I asked them to confirm it with something other then numbers. I Love my ANGELS!!!

  • Hello good morning, I'm would love som help please , I meet my twin flame last November and since then ke keeps running away from me , first he told me that we are in the same wave length , after he told me we not anymore , a few weeks later he told me I wasn't able to handle he's love , a week later he told me he we wasn't sure if he loves me or not , days after he told me he loved me more than life , days after he wasn't sure anymore , days later he told me he had the past interfering . Days after he told me he doesn't loves me anymore , days after he finished with me . Days after we meet up and sacred marriage happen between us . Now we don't see each other and he told me he chosen the world .. It was him that told me that we are twin souls to be ... Since I meet him we walk at the same pass . We breath at the same pace . I saw the flower of life when I was with him , I saw past life's with him .. I know in our last life together I walked off with out him ... Yestherday I talked to him on the phone and he told me he is already seeing someone else, he told me to move on with my life .. How can I move one when I know that in this life we suppose to do a purpose that I'm not aware of what is it yet , how can he move away if I know this is our last life together if we both manage to accomplish our transformation and purpose .. Thank you for reading me .. I would appreciate so help please .. This is killing me .. My body vibrates . I have visions all the time , I feel pins and needles in my body all the time , I shake like mad , sometimes I can't touch metal becauss it hurts me , the other day I was in the bath and I had to get out because my body couldn't stand the contact so close with the metal of the bath tab .. Sometimes people passing by hurts me it fells like people it's punching me .. I'm losing weight all th time , I can eat much , sometimes I feel energy coming out of my hands , sometimes I can't stand touching the floor , because my feet are very sensitive .. And much more , one more time thanks to read me .. And if it's possible would live some help our support .. Love to you all edite
  • Hi, I'm new here. I thought you may like to hear from the male half of a Twin-Flame couple. Well, I guess we are Twin Flames. We married 10 years ago but have been a item for 16. The attraction was due to our spiritual interests (well to be honest, there were other aspects of her that grabbed my attention first, but this is not the right forum for that ;-).) She said right from the start that we were Twin Flames. But dumb me, "What's a Twin Flame?" Anyway, one of the on-line spiritual groups I belonged to about 5 years ago had a lady who gave "readings" for a nominal fee. She read both of us, one at a time. The first thing she said to us was that we were only the second couple that she ever read that were Twin-Flames and she's been doing this for years! I was floored! My wife was right? I still didn't know what that meant but I was sure it was something spiritual and probably a good thing.

    Now folks, everyone talks like it's such a big thing. Like we'd be in a constant state of ecstasy or something. But I'm telling you I've always felt like our relationship and marriage was pretty normal you know? Ups and downs like everybody else. So I don't know what to tell you but I suppose that each Twin Flame couple are different or maybe the lady giving readings was smoking her Bert's Bees pills if ya know what I mean.

    I await your questions, comments or readings.

    Cmdr Den 

  • in regard to twin flame experiences

    I couldn't get on the blogspot. my blogspot is really crazy. i blame it on allergies. i'mserious. anyways; i'm not sure what it said but i will say a prayerr for you. maybe light some nag champa; and i am taking a cold shower because i am waiting for mr. right. why is everyone so serious?

  • I wrote part of my experience down here:

    All the best!
    • i wanted to read your blog and couldnt do, is there any way you could post me it, 

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