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  • where i live; people are asking us to question our patriatism. giving the fact how our government on all levels seem to be corrupt with hidden agendas against our own people.also on civic responsibility's . question this why was regulations disabled president rosevelt put in place on insurance companies,banks, A WELL THE STOCK MARKETS. WAS RESON SO THEY COULD STEAL EVERYONES ASSESTS. AND HOMES AND RETIREMENTS. SOON AS THEY PLAN WILL BE REBELLIONS LIKE IN FRANCE AND GREECE  ONLY SO THEY CAN ACTIVATE MARSHAL LAW WHICH AT SOME POINT TURNS IN TO DEPOPULATION AGENDAS INVOLVING FEMA CAMPS.


    hope all is going well for you. have not heard from you for some time. by the way i am a military vet of united states as well..i feel our democracy soon swept out the back door.

    i like your page as well. well put together.Animated_Glitter_USA_Flag-1.gif

  • Aloha, thank you for adding me as your friend. Have a beautiful day.

  • A PATRIOTIC ANGELIC ANGEL FOR MY DEAR FRIEND~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~YOUR FRIEND GINO8114044864?profile=original

  • FOR YOU MY FRIEND8113886082?profile=original

  • dear msamericanpatriot,every discussion between us is totally confidential,and will always remain as such,glad you have joined Padawans,and i am sure you will happy being a part of the group,today here in the land down under(Australia) it is very humid where i live,3.15pm in the afternoon,but i am hoping we have more rain soon,as i thoroughly enjoy smelling the aromas of freshness that the rain brings,sending you many rays of light for today,have a very blessed one,love,light,blessings dear friend eve.8114038859?profile=original

  • dear msmameric,have you a piece ogf sugilite purple crystal,as that will fine tune any static you may have in seeking out the answers you seek the guardian said,pic of sugilite,love,light,blessings eve.8113581668?profile=original

  • 8114037863?profile=original

  • 8109937456?profile=original

  • dear msamericapatriot,thankyou for your friendship,and looking forard to shareing,and exchanging wisdom with each other,as we all walk together on the path of ascension,also dear friend,you may like to join Padawans,look to my left on screen of my profile you will see the link there,there is so many insightful souls of wisdom there,and i am sure you would feel at home there,as we share our experiences and essences with each other,have a very blessed day,love,light,blessings eve.8113559853?profile=original


      Blessings my friend * take it easy * Micael and God are in every situation * Love And Light *

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Charlotte NC


April 29



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archangel incarnate and daughter incarnate of AA Uriel devout patriot and collector of patriotic things

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AA Uriel since I am a devout follower of politics

msamericanpatriot left a comment on Guardian Angels & Spirit Guides
"Anybody in here that can contact Archangels Uriel and Aurora. I have some questions for them. Thanks."
Jun 10, 2014
msamericanpatriot left a comment on Twin Flames & Soul Mates
"Is there anyone in here that can contact Archangel Chammuel? I have some questions for him."
Jun 10, 2014
msamericanpatriot replied to Son of Sun's discussion Archangel Chamuel speaks on Twin Flame Reunions in Twin Flames & Soul Mates
"Is there anyone in here that CAN contact Chammuel or as I call him Uncle Chammy? I have some questions for him. Thanks."
Jun 10, 2014
msamericanpatriot left a comment on Connect With Angels
"Anybody know what happened to Seraph Indigo Child?"
Jun 6, 2014

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