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November 22

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  • Divine Blessings and Love :)

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  • Hey cosmic brother, sorry I took some time to reply, my connection is very slow lol =(. I have to say that I feel you too, and I am very comforted to learn that there is someone else out there like me =), yeah I believe most souls here will return to thier origional home or continue spiritual work where they left off, maybe myself, time shall tell, but there will be requirements of some beings of great peace and appreciation for mother Earth who shall remain here as the planet goes through a dramatic interdimensional shift or cycle. Nevertheless all is going to plan I feel *. Just like you I could use some good friends as most people I know do not understand my persona or I just feel uncomfortable with if y'know what I mean. I have thought about giving up my life at my 'worst days' at some points but usually that is encouragement from bad energies or lower chakra attraction, which I am slowly learning to avoid, good track for both of us, never give up or doubt ;). Like you said there are many great website which give guides for meditation and offer fantastic techniques for daily life, I need to find more lol. Yeah I feel we have a lot in common too, you seem to like enjoying your time here just like me. Also can I just say thank you very much for the awesome video you sent me, I loved it! At first I only thought that the cosmic beauty was used alot in just dance or electronic music, and now i am so proud to see even some bands are awakening and tuning in to the galactic change, we shall fulfill our missions soon, it will take time, let us keep up the good work bro ~*

    Love and joy, Oen ~*
  • Yes lots of coal, you definetely know Dureaya that's a fact!!
  • My dad grew up in Dureaya, Pa, we use to go to Scranton all the time when I was a kid.

  • This is how I feel right "Now"
    All my love to you :)
  • Hey my friend.
    I think we get some subjects by their senses and will. We always want eveythings that must adapt to follow our mind. We don't find out the meaning of life and adjust ourself to its laws. Suffering and fear happen.
  • i repeat to you i don't drink and i don't smoke so werever it was, i take full responsabilies for my actions.and is nothing that worrie me, i just setle this one way or another and move on
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Brett WONDER Addleman posted videos
Nov 2, 2020
Brett WONDER Addleman replied to DragonKIss's discussion Dreams in Member Diaries
"I'm not sure but I had a dream where a lot of people where taken into a ship and we watched new yourk city blown up. Also the guy u saw on the thrown could be the heavenly father."
Aug 28, 2009
Brett WONDER Addleman left a comment for Oen Libertatum
Aug 19, 2009
Brett WONDER Addleman left a comment for Sashia Ishizu-Ishtar
"THAT'S AWSOME the only thing I know about that place is it's coal minds"
Aug 4, 2009

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"Overall, as analysed over a ten year period, the Antarctic ice shelf has grown...It continues to grow, as we entered the Grand Solar Minimum, proper, around 2020...
This data from the EGU completely demolishes the absurd theories promulgated by the…"
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Rather than a symbol from Okinawa.
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She'll make a good Jedi master someday in the ficitional galaxy far,far away!
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  • Drekx Omega I'm beginning to suspect that you are actually 10-years old and pretending to be adult.... GROW UP....!! 
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Beings like that need to smile more that is if they can or not.
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I hope it happens one day soon.
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