The Reason for Separation from our Twin Souls

I found this in a Facebook group. It improved my understanding and gave me some comfort, so I wanted to share it with you allMuch LoveRuna--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The following is a extract from my website http://www.twinsoulmates1111.comThe time apart from your twin flame helps you to heal all the things inside you which you have previously been wounded by. The whole cycle of connecting and disconnecting then reconnecting again with deeper intensity serves to make you both realise that you ARE LOVEABLE and ALSO LOVING for you have come back together again, even if the circumstances were not good when you parted. For example, if one of the twin flames runs because he/she feels inadequate within themselves, slowly but surely, the repeated reconnection will open them up to realising that they ARE worthy because the love still remains and grows. It can be a slow progress, but it is progress nonetheless.Why do twin flames who HAVE RECOGNISED THE CONNECTION still resist it? I think a huge factor is the INTENSITY of it all. The constancy of thinking of your twin flame, ALL THE TIME, re-living times when you saw them over and over and over, loving them all the time with GREATLY INCREASING POWER, fantasising about them, being distracted by thinking of them to the point that you don't get other things done or cannot concentrate on anything else, worrying that you might go down "the wrong path" (whic isn't possible, because you planned what would happen in this incarnation before birth), feeling a huge yearning to exit your body and enter theirs, craving physical contact, talking to them constantly in your mind, feeling frustrated at times when you cannot seem to ease the yearnings for your twin flame, wondering if you are doing enough or the right things to help manifest your union, feeling frustrated and sometimes hurt when things don't go to plan or when you feel tested by things and have to face another difficulty that you need to overcome, all of this being secretly locked inside of your being - IT IS SO INTENSE that although you wouldn't want to change it for the world (most people), it can get exhausting at times and in resisting, you are attempting (usually in vain) to get some needed rest from it all. (In times of worry and fear I try to tell myself such fear is just manifesting from my MIND and that the mind isn't real in this soul union, and that through meditating, i will know which way to turn).Sometimes when twin flames block you out it is because they just need to take a temporary break from it (and get back to connecting to just themselves to feel balanced again) until they feel replenished and have regained their strength to indulge in the connection again (although it is never a conscious choice). It is to find balance between self and other (twin flame) or yin/yang to gain Bi-gender balance (as they feel both male and female sides through the opposite gender type twin flame), because it often feels like you are LOSING YOURSELF in the connection which is scary at first, because in a sense you are losing yourself as you know it because you are joining with your twin flame to become something new.http://www.twinsoulmates1111.comBlessings,Karen x

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  • Twin flames are usually assynchronis with events in their timeline that tend to line up simultaneously across their bodies. There are other signs to look for.

    I suspect however, the reason why twin souls are sdeparated into different bodies is something of a misnomer. It's more likely, that you decided to inhabit two bodies with one soul sharing them and just aren't fully aware of bilocating because part of you is in one form only conscious of itself for the most part.

    I've been aware that my twin is off world. It's one of the several people I am at least able to get some form of galactic news from. Though little else is shared over the bond that does in fact traverse many dimensions including the shadow veil that protects all Terrans from direct cosmic energy flow.

    I'm currently working on a way to include twin flames with more synchronicities so that events can materialize easier without the gaps in alignment getting in the way. Physical connection is the ultimate goal. When you're doing this over long distances, where one is aware and the other is acute. Usually what happens is that the acute person sends a signal to the aware other half to start the physical bonding process. Unfortunately this means the dreamer in the relationship is the one who is intelligent, aware and longing for the bond. While the acute person is intuitive, emotional and most likely more stable on their own. Opposites tend to attract, where one life helps the other balance itself out. This is particularly true when one soul inhabits multiple bodies as the energy to maintain complete focus is limited when in this state. The joining of souls sounds like a love affair from a romantic novel, but it's true kinship that always leads to fairytale happiness ever after.

  • Wow this is powerful Karen and I'm glad to read it - thanks to Loving and Lovable you lol :))) nice one

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