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March 4

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Still making mistakes, still learning and happy that there is still ime.

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Jezus, Paramahamsa Hariharananda, Paramahamsa Yogananda, Ghandi, Rev Michael Hollings.

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  • Dear Rianne,

    Your Spiritual track is just like mine only....

    Swami Vivekananda & Hariharanada...indirectly thro' Swami Brahmanandji...from whom I took Initiation...of Kriya ...and now he is now no more left 7 years back....

    The book of Swamiji...Vivekananda.....You van go on any website of sri Ramkrishna Paramhansa....on google....you can better search.....

    I feel good with your friendship.....somebody my own....!!!



  • Hi, Rianne.  Thanks for your suggestion, but in going to the groups tab, I see there are several groups.  OMG!  It just seems like so much stuff.  I just want to get on here, read some good stuff, and get on with my life.  I seriously don't have all day to just page through tons info and posting on this site.  It really gets overwhelming.  I find that I mostly just look for a few good articles, then I get off.  I don't mean to sound so negative.  One thing I haved noticed is that since we've entered Scorpio, that I have just been processing one deep emotion after another.  Lately, it has mostly been about relationships: why I'm not in one, wondering why I have more friends - at least, so it seems - on the internet & FB than I do in everyday life.  It just seems to get more and more intense as the month goes on.  'Nuff for now. 

  • Lieve Rianne,

    Ik was verrast je vriendschapsverzoek in het Nederlands te zien!

    Ben je Nederlandse? Hoe kom je in Bolivia terecht?

    Natuurlijk ben ik blij om je vriend te zijn.


    Love, light and laughter,

    Your friend Meindert.

  • Tube una novia en la cd de Los Angeles California y era de Cochabamba

  • Thank you, Rianne. 

  • 8114131470?profile=originalIt was wonderful to hear from you again.  I am in and out of this site myself.  Have been dealing with my parents deaths and kind of withdrew for awhile while I pulled myself together.  Have a wonderful weekend.

    Love to you,


  • 8114041475?profile=original

  • You are very much appreciated......and loved.

  • Hola Rianne,Como estas?No Pensaba Nada cuando te mande la foto simplemente quise compartirla,oyes !!!!! Yo Tube Una Novia DE Cochabamba de  nombre Marcela Nistahus,El tiempo que duramos fue muy lindo,teniamos muy buena quimica, bueno un fuerte abraso cybernetico,cuidate mucho8113616086?profile=original
  • 8113903292?profile=original
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Rianne replied to Will's discussion When Is Ascension Coming? - The Galactic Free Press
"So there will be no crashes of the dollar and euro, banks going bankrupt, no one will get the 100.000$ as was promissed, no disclosure and so the dogshelter which is maintained by me, will have to go, dogs put loose in the streets and I have to go…"
Apr 10, 2014
Rianne replied to Will's discussion When Is Ascension Coming? - The Galactic Free Press
"Will, please explain me something please, it is clear that we have to make the change, but posts like the one from Sananda (if I remember correctly) sharing a message from st Germain that the Supreme gave permission to start revaluating the…"
Apr 9, 2014
Rianne replied to J'Tariah En Ra El's discussion !Pull Your Swords, Lightworkers! Archangel Michael's Call to His Legions + Sananda's Address to Michael's Legions "How To Pull Your Sword (of Light)"
"Maybe not ready for service, but I'll try to pull the sword out anyway. Always new I came here to give/spread love.
Thank you AA Michael, Sanandaji and our creator for waking us up and giving us the chance to be able to help to spread love.
Feb 5, 2014
Rianne replied to Soulz83's discussion Behold, Beware, I Am Coming - This Absolute Event
"Dear Soulz...

Looking forward to get my beliefs tested, Thanks and love you!"
Dec 2, 2013

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