• Sometimes the crying never ends,I never cried more in my life then after I met my twin,why cry? what causes crying? The day will come when we shall all wake up laughing!
    • thank you. I know thats what i dont understand. maybe its not my twin but it was an incredible spiritual experienc e. I send love and healing for all beings and am open to whatever is for my highest good. would just love to share my heart with such love as i feel with him. may we all float in divine love xxx
  • there was a time when i had to clear some old things from atlantis with a wonderful friend from that times...
    this friend was very short to me
    as he still was angry with himself because he could not support me any longer at the last days of atlantis...
    he stll could not forgive himself..
    it took me two weeks
    to show him that this was ok with me and i had forgiven him since long
    i asked him time and again to forgive himself ,too

    we went back to those times and the experiences ...and talked about how these experiences are now - especially for me - necessary so that i can do my job now...

    and one day he came and said that it was ok for him now, too

    and the next day
    i got in my mediation a visitor
    coming right to me and telling me
    dear i will show you my face
    so that you know who i look like
    when we will meet....

    two weeks later
    i had a "date" with an unknown human
    who came to take me for a training we both wanted to go to..

    can you imagine that i nearly fell down the stairs
    when i opend the door
    and a man with exactly this shown face
    stood in the door

    and he later told me
    that i my astral body flew to him...

    we where married three months later...

    stayed together nearly all days and nights
    did lots of work together
    till it was necessary to separate for our each growth
    that nevertheless is supported by each other

    it is a deep love - knowing about the other - that connects us
    no condition
    since the beginning
    very caring

    but he is not the one i wrote about in the text from the source...

    this is what i know
    and what he now learns...
  • These are such beautiful stories, I cant wait till I meet my twin flame, I have been in love with before but they werent right for me and my soul knew this but there is one thats stirs my soul when ever I am around her And I know that it's mutual
    becasue I feel it whenever I am around her and her me .I wont put it into stone , but I'm sure she is from my past life in
    egypt.When she attended my church for the first time,I'm a unitarian by the way. I was overwhelmed with WOW and joy. we have been one dinner date.And talk alot but as far as being in a relationship with her it's like something is keeping from happening .She is very busy with work , school and her Nat Geo cruise job. And Me well, I'm busy being a father to my kids from a previous relationships. and trying to find more work. Is it that right now isnt the right time for us to unite? Or is even meant to happen? I dont know but I can only hope so . Only time will tell.
    Stay blessed
    Ereinion aka Dharius
    • Hello Seraph O Ereinion,
      This is silly but look at the date and time you posted this, it's on 3/3 at 3:33pm pretty cool! March 3 is my birthday!
  • I have three experiences I want to share and tell me where they fit in... first off as a lil girl I had a Secret Diary in there I posted I would marry by the age of 20 and have three children. found this when I was 21 and read it.... While reading this I was just married and had two previous daughters and one on the way from my husband.... in the back of a fraggle rock book i had written a love letter to my future husband ironically named David and was talking to him bout our future kids.... currently we have three daughters and two from previous relationships on my side.... when we met for the first time i was talking to him bout my plans where i have to get to Cali i have had the calling since i was a lil person and how for a great vacation I will someday go to Jamaica... he pulled out pictures and told me story's of his early life where he had visited Jamaica and was born in California ironically his name was David!! That was just the first one.

    Second person was Brittany... I have a tough time meeting females I can trust and hit it off with really well... apparently she had the same issues. But when i started working with her at the motel we hit it off fast and had a feeling like we knew each other forever and a day. We did some past chatting and found out for many years that we lived in the same towns at the same times grew up around the same people but never met each other. We clicked together like legos have some issues chatting now a days her husband is jealous of how we clicked and will not allow us to be around each other but that relationship is closing she contacted me and let me know whats up...

    Third one I met here on... well on Bens first site. Shamsy!! We were dreaming each other before we met three days to be exact and one day my husband was watching her video on youtube and i was like who is that? hes like honey im not checking her out and im like shh.... im not worried shes hot but i think i know her so i looked her up on the net and she freaked out because she too had been dreaming of me! Atrial travel became known because she had seen me in her house and I have never left ks before then really and I knew what her house was like.... we finally got to meet in person shortly after and it was one of the greatest things that has ever happened... I will always be grateful to Ben for this... as I am not the only connection she had had tho... David did a past life travel and seen her n i n him together we lived other lives in a happy group...

    Does this fit into the twin flame category Or am I just delusional? LOL anyhow peace love n light and thank you ben for connecting us together!! Namaste!!
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