• I hate to be the bearer of bad news but from what i read so far here it seems like most of what u people are experiencing are Soul mate and not Twin flame relationships.. I'll get right to the point.. Authentic Twin Flames see God!... Yes they are brought together by unspeakable pure unconditional love in Paradise, in the Absolute Reality which words cannot describe..
  • Sadly it seems that many twin flames, if they meet, don't manage to stay together. I think this is one of those situations where the following applies - "if you love someone, set them free". If they really are your twin flame, you will be reunited at some point when you are both truly ready. Also, the nature of the twin flame relationship means that you are still intimately connected at a spiritual level, even if you are not physically together or in a romantic relationship.

    I am not sure if my experience is a twin flame one or not. All I know is that I have never been able to cut off from this person, even though I tried. I cut off contact, but years later my feeling of connection to this person is still there and I cannot imagine it not being there. My feelings towards this person were originally very intense and passionate (!), however the infatuation has well and truly passed, and the feeling I have now is more one of enduring connection, unconditional acceptance, and almost a feeling of responsibility to take care of this person.

    I have been forced to accept 'friendship' only with this person, but I have found that this serves me much better than the angst of not being loved back. Yes it would be nice to be together in a partnership, but I have to admit that neither of us are probably ready for this. So I am happy just to be in contact and enjoy a friendship with no expectations. I never expected that accepting friendship would actually make me feel better about things! It seems to me that attachment to a particular outcome (ie being together romantically) sets us up for bitterness and disappointment, and I was amazed how much better I felt when I let go of that attachment.

    Funnily enough, years ago, when I was first suffering heartache from this person not reciprocating my feelings, I was in a wierd kind of semi-sleep state one time, and I knew I had the choice in that moment to either cut off emotionally from this person, or not. Despite the heartache I was experiencing, I could not bring myself to cut off. And that has been how it's continued. It's like my inner child refuses to give up on this person, even though my adult side can see that it's not a happening thing! And this has gone on for 6 years!

    Despite the emotional turmoil, I don't regret any of the experiences I have had. This person has truly taught me unconditional love (not through example!), and has made my life richer. I have discovered that love can be rewarding even when it's not returned. Just the feeling of truly loving someone is a beautiful thing.
  • Wow I sit here reading your stories , so heart felt and open...Thank you for sharing.

    Im new to the site but how funny I should stumble into this area at this point in my life..

    You see not so long ago I was searching as you my friends for that one Twin Flame..we all have them out there but sadly some never meet them.
    Well I after 46 years,I have done so..My twin flame and I are so much Twin Flames that its often hard to find where the other one ends and the other begins.
    We lvoe each other way beyond this physical state of being, hardly breathe without each other..Honestly I cannot remember the day when I didnt love him. Strange as that might seem given I only met him some months ago, but regardless we loved and searched for each other the day we began..

    You probably wondering about where this story is going? well here it is.
    Sadly my Twin Flame and I well we are NOT together :( we dont see each other any longer, talk rarely and email on occasion.
    Sadly we parted ways due to feelings of insecurities and doubt. Insecurities and doubt placed from society and living in a world where some people just cannot see clearly and negativity and doubt is all that they live with.

    What Im trying to say here is not always is a Twin Flame together, yes honestly we both still find it hard to breathe at times , especially when we are alone, the tears sadly dont end and the heart does not stop feeling... I can tell you that we will love each other for eternity, because regardless of being apart we are together in spirit and oneness.

    Our hope is that one day , when the planets align again and those around us stay silent for just enough time for us to begin again that we will find our way home to each other again.

    My heart hurts for him and his for me.

    My only resolve is to have the faith, courage and my light within me to show us the path again.

    Love n Light
  • well im confused and been trying to find out for years whether a soulmate i had the most out of this world divine love with is my twin flame or just part of my soul group. Ive had several past lives with him but it felt much stronger than any other connection i have ever had. Ive never forgotten and cant 'get over 'him as i have others! its broken my heart for 8 years nearly killed me to have felt such completion( im a complete romantic& it was beyond my wildest dreams!) then lost it as suddenly. i was ill with the shock,but i guess it could be deep healing for us both and we may not be 2gether? that sounds great in theory but my heart is always aware of missing him . he pulled away drastically it was such incredible love and we have had a few brief meetings. I just feel absolute bliss when im with him its way beyond physical . talk about opposites! i pray he will see the light as i feel something is keeping me alive; my spirit but i come to life with him; even just his voice; ive known it since the beginning of time. He wont accept it but did admit im his female half! thats a start! lol!!!. I feel his pain etc and when i go beyond our human restrictions and emotions i just feel sheer deep peace and joy! But for so many years the pain has been agony. If its not him i bless him and hope he finds love within and without ,& my twin soul finds me. & if it is him PLEASE! we have love to inspire others with here and a mission to fulfill!! So hurry up and let go of your fear my angel its me!! xxx its a romantic tragedy: he swept me away in his arms dressed like Richard Gere then broke my heart when he panicked. I send him love & healing all the time. Even he and my daughter fell in love it was wonderful and i know that love haunts me every second. I try to let go & have met other soulmates since but even though they would marry me noone has ever made me feel like i was in heaven like my soulmate. I had voices telling me things about us and saw angels around us when we met ..... ive tasted paradise and will never forget him. I saw visions b4 we met and he said he sensed me too.... i dont know how to survive without such love. I know we have to love ourselves and let go etc. I have! he is too afraid to let himself be that loved it seems.He even told me he was marrying someone else! i nearly died! its not true, was to put me off! almost funny now but it killed me at the time!its still there.... any guidance anyone, thank you . Im sick of peoples rationalisations that we need to be whole etc! I AM I think otherwise wouldnt i settle for someone else rather than try and cope alone! anyway that was very therapeutic thank you. I hope im not being disloyal to him bless him by sharing this but i have to express my truth!! xx thank you for listening and any intuitive insight would be very much appreciated. Not just opinions please ive had years of those and it really set me back!! xx i help others with their r'ships & would love some support too!! may we all feel the true divine love in our own hearts and with our twin xxx
    • Hi Blue Angel,
      I know you posted this a while ago, but felt as though I wanted to share a story of my dear friend. She met her soul mate and had a year with him, then he died. A huge part of her died that day as well. It's been 8 years since his death and it is only now that she can allow herself to experience him again. If you really believe that life is perfect, then what is happening is perfect too. Only you can answer the question of "what is the gift he has given you by acting in this way? Once you see the gift (whatever it is) then many things will be unlocked for you! Much love to you and your journey!
    • I do understand your pain. Its been 5 years since I parted with my twin. So please bare with me if i express an oppionon.

      I really am puzzled if this is your twin or not. Based on your emotions it seems to be, and him fleeing so swiftly. Its likely you're the more evolved and the reflection he sees in you scares him, he may want more karmic circles.

      Then again, that you think you spent many lifetimes together. That seems more like a karmic soulmate thing. And it could explain him running scared, if he has unresolved negative karma with you from past lifes.

      What really made me reply to you, is to share the most uplifting advice I have ever been given. And it is to heal yourself, cause as we heal ourselves we heal our twin. that is how connected twins are, they seperation is a never there. Only in 3D. You dont even have to send him healing for him to recieve, just focus on yourself and keep working on that.

      I wish you Love, Joy and Abundance
    • thank you i dont know how to access te pictures ive tried clicking on to the wurds! god bless you x
    • Hi, It is very hard to reply to you because you said you didn't want any opinions. So what could I write that would be supportive?????
      Love, Jeanie
    • thank you. yes as we give we learn its a fascinating journey. i just feel as though im missing a part of me. I do feel love a lot of the time and am very strong independent and whole but ive only ever felt deep joy like i do when with him when i am close to jesus and angels which shows its beyond a normal love, ive experienced many connections but this one is out of this world. it may be that i always knew even before we met but hes not at the same place. great! agony for me though! im so glad love is building on earth i pray for us all to feel such love xxx
    • sorry! i just meant that sum people dont understand and tell me to get over it! i meant real support wud be most wlcome thank you, Im great sometimes and know we are all one etc but it hurts so much !! i wouldnt wish this pain on anyone. then i beat myself up for being needy! imknow i am spirit bit i have a human heart too or we would never long for such love. wish i didnt!! love and light to you xx
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