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So, I've been single for nearly 7 years... So what am I doing wrong? I've turned down two relationships in that time because it just didn't feel right inside, but have to admit I am at this point some good company would be really nice. I never had a problem in meeting people before, but after 2 nightmare scenarios of my past relationships, it would have to be right or I'd rather be alone. Maybe I can find some inspiration here?

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  • I'm just in the door from driving all day after little sleep and would love the chance to reply properly, but in case you sign off, it's sounds like your man was lucky too have you.

  • Thank You X

  • Ask your Angels for guidence.

    • Here's the thing, I've been asking them

  • Thanks!

    It was only two offers that I had and turned down, I wasn't in relationships and left. But they are the only two offers I've had in a very long time. I live in rural Ireland and don't get out much. I'm a single full time Dad which doesn't help the cause. I would love to meet someone, but it would have to be right, I've made mistakes before and gotton stuck in not so good relationships. I rekon this site has got some like minded people on it that I would really get on with. But, alas, not many I would imagine are in Ireland. Being a light worker can be a lonely path sometimes. I know some good people, but finding someone I can really connect with is another story...

  • Unsure if you'll find this inspiring...

    Have you fully worked out the "nightmare scenarios" to an understanding of why you needed to experience them?  Relationships give us an opportunity to reflect and work out our stuff so that we can work out more evolved lessons in our next relationship...  

    If you are still calling past relationships "nightmare scenarios" instead of having love, appreciation and understanding for the shared experience - then you are most likely ready for the relationship you seek.  

    A quick shortcut is send each former companion LOVE for the shared experience.  Comprehend why it may have necessary to experience them - be the observer - detach from all the negative feelings of each scenario.

    Energy follows energy - remove the charge from the past to become more whole and bringing in a new, more evolved partner.  The universe will know when you are ready.  Until this charge is removed you are not ready to be the "complete" partner you now desire.

    Much Love to you Jasper!


    • I think some of the problem is that I felt so stuck in previous relation ships, I don't want to get stuck again. So, maybe I close myself off. Thanks for taking the time to speak with me and for your input.

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