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I think 11-11 is a special day; no matter the year.  And so here is my expression of love for the day:

How sacred the day of 11-11

When all the energies of Earth mirror those in the heavens.

When all you will be and are-do somehow,

Come together in this moment we refer to as Now.

Our personal connection to The One True Source,

Removes dismay, fallacy and remorse.

Making room for pure joy and eternal satisfaction,

A REUNION with your TRUE self-reflected in every action.

A day unlike any if you choose it to be.

A portal to a YOU that is totally free.

If you find yourself saying, "This is a day like any other"

Remember any woman can be someone else's mother.

A tree can be a sign

A wave can be a cue

Your wisdom is embedded in your current point of view.

So Allow your mind and heart to agree

To make this day romantic!

A day to set aside to fall in love is fantastic!

Looking in your own eyes, knowing it is true,

That GOD is and has always been looking back at you.


Happy 11-11!  Enjoy.


(and it just started snowing outside where I live--thank you God for the blessings!)

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Well done!

Thank you Malcolm! :)

Thanks Feather!  I hope you are doing well today!

Nov. 11 - Charles Manson's and my brother's birthday.

Happy Birthday to all who share today as their anniversary day of their arrival !!

You Scorpios are all alike; you just have different destinies.  

Malcolm:  My birthday is on 11/19.

You pointy-tailed lizard you!

Malcolm:  YES!

Nice post!

Love, Light & Respect somesayimnot...

& thank you for  b e i n g  You ;-)


Tung Sol tubes: the choice of Jimi Hendrix (they also don't cost a lot; he burned out a lot of tubes with his Marshall Super Plexi Leads dialed to 10 all the time).


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