Goldsboro, NC


December 23

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I am an Eckist, a sensitive and maybe even an empathy. I feel I am not from around here.

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  • Thank you, Bonnie ~ Rainbow blessings and much love to you <3


  • hi Bonnie..happily accepting enjoying your friend request.  have been set back a bit..my eldest son, Christopher Man passed from this Earth 12/12/13… he was 59.. i knew his suffering.. was too great..altho’ miss his presence in body..this brings me to a new level/process which my inner guidance…and Peter Pan’s continual consistent caring ..showing me the WAY to digest.. truth is still NUMB..my heart is…TOO~    my first born..my CHRISTED ONE~  why did i not feel his needs?  perhaps i did..too much..and too little..   i know this is not way to begin friendship.. and hope my avatar isn’t slipping off of the rainbow~  my tears … heart..  we all need must give more LOVE.. and i am a parent ly still here.. and with my CHRISTOPHER MAN~  BE WELL..BE SAFE.. ALL IN ALL …ALL WAYS~

  • Yes....guilty as charged!  I keep trying to crack open the consciousness of people as I can...can't say they listen, but you have to keep on trying!  Keep your chin up!  Things are changing fast now.....

  • There is nothing wrong with being a loner dear Bonnie! Sometimes it could be the best choice at a certain moment in your life. But remain open to all possibilities that Life may offer to you. Lots of Love and Light Always for All the Loners of this World!!!

  • Hi Bonnie.....hugs...


  • Hi Bonnie!

    Wellcome to my friendship circle.

  • Dear Bonnie,

    Ek  OMokar Satnam.....

    Oneness is with the Divinity and Divine God and people who are Divine...

    Separation is just Illusion...We all are one at Subconscious level of our being....



  • Dear  Bonnie,

    I love your friendship....

    I could not understand the word.... " Eckist "

    will you please explain ?

    Thanks a lot....with lots of love & Blessings,



  • Hi dear Bonnie,

    Sure, friends on Extraterrestrials than also friends on ACC.

    Good to see you here too dear!


    Love,light and laughter,

    your friend ,


  • And welcome to the Command.

    It is anything but boring.:)

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Bonnie posted a video
The Tapping World Summit 2012 presents Nick Ortner on How to 
Rewire the Brain with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Want to go deeper? 
Click here to lear...
Nov 2, 2020
Bonnie replied to Andy's discussion Mike Quinsey - SaLuSa, February 21, 2014
Feb 21, 2014
Bonnie commented on Meindert Arends's blog post Be at peace – Message from my Higher Self and SaLuSa – Multidimensional Ocean
"This is a confirmation of some tapping videos I have been watching."
Feb 20, 2014
Bonnie replied to Shawnzie's discussion Forgiving?
"You remember the event but not the pain. The memory is what it is, with no emotional charge to it. So you learn what to do next time, but without attitude. With no buttons to push."
Feb 14, 2014

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