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  • hi thanks for the add =)

  • 8110455471?profile=original"Thanks for Add, BeingofLight ☼ღ♥Sunshine,Love&Light♥ღ☼ ~Carol~"



    Hello beingoflight888!!

    wishing you well......

  • Thank  you for excepting me as a friend..Your pics are beautiful.....Namaste'

  • Beautiful.. thank you! much love!


  • Bless you brother, glad to have piqued your interest in that direction ;-)

    It so happens I was just having "new" profound insights on some old quotes, just want to share them =-p:


    - a mind without purpose, wanders in dark places (not quite as bad as the one below)

    - a mind without knowledge can't evolve purpose, walking in dark places thinking it's light (false illuminations)

    Thank God we have a divine heart, Amen!


    Alright my friend, it's no exaggeration when I say the Urantia tome (2097 pages) and the Telos volumes are absolutely crucial to make sense of the floods of information all will encounter and to aid in providing our logic-mind a framework to unify all concepts conceivable in a harmonious manner. After all, if we are to be the I AMs that we are, we have to start thinking and feeling like the benevolent God creators we are and fuse our hard-earned dimensional perspectives down here with One.


    And isn't it funny how coincidental it is that you happen to ask about these books specifically =-) Let's thank our God Selves for orchestrating that! It get's better for you buddy as I "happen" to have PDFs of all baring Telos vol. 3. Just for the record, I own most in hard copies for I love them too much =-p


    Give me your email address and I'll send them to you, talk to you again soon.

  • Warm as "hell" can get along the equator, it's been hazy and cloudy these days....and NO WAY is the skies here clearer than the States, you guys are so lucky in that regard. When I was there in Vegas 2 months back, the starry starry night was so unreal bordering on bizzare really, the nightsky was so crystalline perfect (diamond studded) it looked like a 2D theatre backdrop LOL seriously!
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Baldwin Park, CA


September 26

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My name is Andrew Salinas. I usually love bringing my inner-child out all the time and love playing around because why be so serious if seriousness kills the child within you.Only in the state of pure joy will you experience peace with life and the universe.

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Master choa kok sui jesus christ buddha paramahamsa yogananda

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" Namaste. OM
Jan 3, 2014
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"He is so dynamic! All they want-the extraterrestrials is to awaken the dormant divine spark within humanity. Thank you."
Jan 3, 2014
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Nov 12, 2013

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"Justin, that is point

I will shoot anyone who tries to vaccinate me---just saying"
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"It's Fumetsu and it means indestructible, because i always believe in my Soul. It make sense, because i got some very Strong Soulmates. 💮

My inspiration"
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"SAN 不滅 Well, your Japanese characters mean; "Mrs Immortal." SAN Fumetsu...Can you explain why you chose this name...? It is interesting...😊

As for Pet Rock....He's definitely not "Illuminati blue beam," or whatever it was you suggested...
No, he…"
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"Woah are they really saying shortages are gonna continue until we get vaccinated? They are really screwing themselves over right there with those choice of words. More people are gonna wake up once they see that the tyrants said that to us."
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"government officials saying shortages will remain until all vaccinated. i guess they continue forever then.

or until all politicians and globalists are drawn and quartered in public squares.

Tarring and feathering would also be good

You can see…"
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