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Who can teach me the siplest forms of MEDITATION......????????

Dear all. i m searching the simplest form of "mediatation". I tried somany pages from different website and now i feel i m tired and not happy with the ways they teach. They all are different with the views. I am eager to get stable with thoughts and ideas. I want to find the answers of the questions which are in my mind. I dont knwo who is the person can teach me this. But i am waiting for that person. please if u can't show me the way, it is fine but suggest someone to guide me. I am thankful to all of you. thanks a lot and lots of love for all of you.

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The "simplest" is Zen meditation, or Vipassana...


But simple does not mean easy.


The first link is a youtube video that shows what the meditation looks like, the second link is actual recording of the meditation Twin Hearts, which is a wonderful tool to open the psyche and connect you with earth and divine Light.  It is particularily helpful on the full moon.  It gets better with practice, but do what feels right for you.  Happy Seeking :) 

Be Aware of Yourself. The Easiest way to meditate. Find your breath, your heart, then your streaming blood. Ususally what I do..

The simplest form of Meditation is very simple really

Say to yourself daily...






I prefer Zen meditation - but it looks like it must be done regularly in order to be of enduring effect.


Zen is usually done by siting still on a pillow  (preferably in the lotus position) that lies on your floor, with closed eyes and concentrating on your breath.


That is actually all you need to know. :)

hey whats up i got 1 way i can suggest,it works for me i didnt ever think i would learn how to hope this helps........find a quite place i always do it in my living room or you can do while laying down,start by closing your eyes breath in through your mouth and release through your nose,deeper breaths than you would usally take,hold it for a second or two before release it slowly,repeat this over and over how ever long it takes for you too be in a relaxed state,remember youve gotta clear your mind before trying it,and make sure there isnt anything to distract you......hope this helps

Hermmm... every person has their own unique way of doing it.  Personally, I like to kinda sit with my back straight, as though each verterbra were stacked atop one another, and then relax, and keep my back straight... really, just adopt a position or do something that you believe does the best.  As in, do whatever is necessary to make you unconciously believe that you are meditating, that you are doing something spiritual.  I do the back straight with the legs crossed and my butt higher than my feet because, well, it feels like proper meditation to me.  What works for you, is something you have to find for yourself.

You said you perused many websites... well, just find one that works for you.  There are no absolutes, so each has their own way of doing things.  The trick is to get yourself believing that you're doing it.  Maybe chanting will make you feel like your're being spiritual.  Maybe you just have to lie down with a blanket over your eyes.  Maybe you have to just focus on a thing, whether it's a dot on the wall or it's a flame or a sound.... or just focus on nothing.

But ideally, once you find that point of entry, then you try to step back from your thoughts.  Meditation is defined as stilling the mind, so the point is to clear your mind of all thoughts, or at least just observe them, as opposed to engaging in them.  You have a thought... say, I wonder if someone saw me right now?  you just kinda let that thought go by...  it's hard in the beginning, so just kinda distance yourself from your thoughts, imagine the thoughts as, say, people walking in front of you, who keep wanting to talk to you, and you just wave them off.  Then, once you're successful in that, just spend no effort at all in either ignoring your thoughts or engaging them.  Just let them drift by without either pushing them or stopping them.

You can start at any point within the process I just described.  It's the best I can think of as an explanation of meditation, it's not perfect, though.  You have to define it for yourself.  It sounds like you want someone to tell you how to do it... which is what's needed at first, for most, but you can't stick around waiting for someone hold your hand and tell you how to take every step.  Or else it won't be your own way of doing it.  Which, I think, at least, is how the process should be approached, it is, after all, a journey of self-discovery, right?  No-one else is going to be discovering it for you.  They might have some good ways of doing it that are worth imitating, but in the end it's you

Don't worry, though!  I bet you'll get it eventually, if not soon.

Sorry to go on a big rant about individualism; it's just the way I think.  Might be kinda frustrating, but that's what it is, it's a movie played and directed by you.

thanks a lot friend........I really feel that i m lucky. I got the idea that no one can help me find myself and who m i???? except myself. this is my own fight and i will have to find the way out. I will try my best to do so. thanks again for guiding me. U r right that this is my movie and i am the director. So please bless me to direct the clear and good, interesting movie which will have N numbers of parts connected with each other. From today only i will start this journey. Guide me by sending me message in my inbox, if you dont mind. so that i can save it and in future to follow it. Thanks a lot again.

Dp you mean copy, paste that thing up there?  Or further communication?

I mean, that's all I know, I'm just beginning too.  But it's really really cool once you start doing stuff.

But I will say, I'm betting that not every movie is entirely happy, not every movie is easy to sit through, not every movie will have a happy ending.  But it's your movie.  You might have a small budget, a large budget, talented actors, high tech, or just a cell phone camera.  But it's your movie.



There are many methods of meditation but the problem is that each has a different level and different vibrations are created from these different types.. These have to match with your profile else it will bore you as well it will not give you proper results...


And feel free to ask anything you want on those topics....


Also that you must have lots of patience in getting desired results...


Go through the blogs I have posted it has few methods of meditation ... Go through it properly and try the one which you like the best or you feel suitable for you....


But remember you need patience in trying as quick results are sometimes not good for Spiritual path.


Let Love, Light and Divinity fill us all ........................



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