Dear all. i m searching the simplest form of "mediatation". I tried somany pages from different website and now i feel i m tired and not happy with the ways they teach. They all are different with the views. I am eager to get stable with thoughts and ideas. I want to find the answers of the questions which are in my mind. I dont knwo who is the person can teach me this. But i am waiting for that person. please if u can't show me the way, it is fine but suggest someone to guide me. I am thankful to all of you. thanks a lot and lots of love for all of you.

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  • Hello Avi Avi Avi,


    Thank you very much for your message regarding meditation, I am happy to see that you have had an abundance of responses to help you on your journey.  I use music to get me to the state where I concentrate on the breathing aspect as mentioned.  Music I find lifts me to a place where I can then switch the energy to connecting with my own higher self, then, I can connect easier to the universal energy or light.


    Others have mentioned how difficult it is to maintain focus because one can easily become distracted, pay no mind to how many times you have to start again and again, you will eventually find a method through trial and error which suits you.  Meditation does not have to be a lengthy process and you can benefit just as much from meditation from a minute as you can from a deeper and extensive time spent.


    A brief meditation I became aware of a few years ago, I find very helpful especially if I am tired, as follows:


    Close your eyes, Imagine you are standing in front of a lift (elevator).  Enter the lift and watch the doors close.  Imagine that you are traveling to the top floor, sense the light energy all around you and allow it to encompass you as you travel.  Take your time as you notice your own breath sounds, breathe in the positive energy, breathe out any negativity you may be holding.  When the lift stops allow yourself a moment then as the door opens, before you are Three Doors, The Past, The Present, The Future.  You may enter in any order.   If you enter the past door, Once inside, take your time to look around and become very aware of  any baggage, you can stay here and work on unresolved issues, such as disappointments, betrayals, upsets, or even stagnation.   You will be aware of hidden fears, unresolved problems etc.    As you enter the door of the present, become aware of the unlimited potential that is only available in the here.  You can tap into the a vast wealth of creator power. All and Nothing is possible here. As you enter the Future Room, tap into the emotions you are feeling, see the colors around you. See all that you are and all that you desire to be.  Tap into the power of your imagination and let your dreams manifest into reality. be aware of your hopes, aspirations, goals. .


    You can add mantras to help you, ie., You can repeat the past has gone, and the and future is non-existent in the present.


    I hope this helps
  • dear  avi avi avi   there  are  many  forms  of  meditation   so  i  am  going  to  recommend

    1,  google  solara an-ra       there   you  will  find   up  todate  meditations  or  if  you are  a  beginner  email her

    and  she  will   find  you  what  is  suitable  for  you

    2,amrita  melchisidek     she   has  many  videos  on utube  as  well  as  solara  with  who  she  interacts  with

    3. google  THE RADIANT  ROSE  ACADEMY   and  ask  to  purchase  a  small  booklet  the  ASCENDED MASTERS

      SACRED  FIRE  FLAME  MANTRAS   the  acadamy  is  in  vancouver  if  you  are  in  america  or  you  may be  able

      to  get  it  from  the  I AM FAMILY   OF   LIGHT         IN      ENGLAND   U  CAN  ADDAPT  ANY MEDITATIONS

    to  suit  your  own pace  and  resonance  once  you are  readily    familiar   with them      always  start  your

    meditations   with  acknowledging   your  beloved  I AM       YOUR  GOD SELF  AND  DEEP  BREATHS

    GOOD  LUCK    mike  jay


  • sit,relax,follow your breath.....eyes open or closed is up to you. Sitting is optional,so is relaxing.
  • I have taught meditation for a long time. I have a series - Introduction to meditation - on my youtube site

    It is broken up to lectures and meditations.  A good foundation to get started.  About 8 videos.


    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Hope this helps you.


    • thanks a lot Mr. richard Siena........!!! thanks a lot again. I will surely be in touch with you all the times. thanks.
  • Meditation for begginers... I would suggest getting some bianural beats.  Just by listening to them they send you into a meditative state.  All the teachings you have read i am sure are good.  The problem is you are spending too much time on thinking and not being.  I hope you find your path to meditation, because there are many paths to the same point. 

    Peice be with you, Much Love, Heffe1

  • What works for me:

    I follow my breath. Sometimes I have music, sometimes not.

    I sit crosslegged with my eyes closed.

    I have a mantra that I repeat within which, translated somewhat into english is Om Bliss Consciousness Truth Supreme.

    Occasionally, I just say Om Shanti shanti shanti =  Peace, Peace, Peace...

    If thoughts bother me too much, I breathe in for 8 counts, hold my breath for 4 counts, and slowly breathe out. After a few times, I feel calm and move my attention to the centre of my chest to my heart chakra.

    I connect here with my Higher Self, or inner being, or God-self...the part unaffected by drama of life.

    It is here I feel at ease. If there is anything to ask, it is in this "space" where I have a dialogue with mySelf. Otherwise, I just sit and enjoy the quietude.

    Sometimes I visualise myself in a place where I was close to nature, such as sitting by a waterfall, or in a beautiful garden, or woods etc

    To come out of meditation, before I open my eyes,  I concentrate on my breathing and start becoming aware of sounds, sensations in my body and the feeling of the floor beneath me.

    The main thing is to observe the breath, and as you do this, you detach from the mind and become more heart-centred.

    Love and Best wishes,


  • For me Mantras are the best way to meditate. Snatam Kaur, is my favorite, she is awesome. Look it up in youtube. Mantras help you clear you mind of negativity and you can actually feel the vibration. Try it and Good luck my friend :) it really works Rosie
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