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hi, mike is the name i was born in london area, 66 years old. lived in foster care for ten years junior / sec school general education left shool at 15 had various jobs tried to commit suiside at 18/19 didn!t succeed as i!m still here had a dream which started my clockwork brain ticking took me years to work out the how. moved to coventry at 21 had a really beautiful girl friend messed up badly the call of the wild no third party involved went deep sea fishing from scotland , hard life the captain kept nicking me fags under threat of scrubbing out his cabin force nine gale, nets got caught on bottom threatened by machine gun in helecopter sheltering in illegal waters ten days no clean teeth two hours sleep if your lucky a foot of water in bunk cabin , a cross eye engineer who was at war with the first mate marvelous experience , one trip was enough went back to coventry had various jobs . moved back to london got married moved back to coventry moved back to london wife missing her mummy worked on london buses got divorced moved back to coventry got married again had a son got divorced " again " mutual beleif and interest with work colleague about U.F.O"S HE MENTIONED THE MAGIC WORD "THEOSOPHY" i said whats that, he explained its about life and death and the cosmic ding dong the bells are ringing for me and my mind i joined a lodge in coventry this was magic, at last i had a real interest in "life " and death i read dozens of books listened to talks / lectures read u.fo mags meditated nearly falling of my chair with the speeding up of vibration had many ex speriences which truly convinced me of life beyond this everyday reality i made some wonderful friends . i then left theosophy as i wanted to exspand the bigger picture and this did nt go down too well with a few elderly members who seemed happy to go over the same stuff year in year out so i left . theosophy was pretty deep stuff and i thank them from deep within for just being their they helped me get started ill never forget them, thankyou theosophists and owen smith who got me started love you all more books to study for years endless demons to battle with mostly etheric , books about the annunuki /niburians how they accidently changed the orbits of planets etc etc. they came from the holy tabernacle ministries who were persecuted by the b.b.b&girls c.i.a. etc . at the age of 62 i purchased one computer a real cool peice of eqipment "advent" with the help of friends i got started. found many web sites which itry to "share" with as many as possible ilive in a one bedroom flat in coventry. there you have it love mike jay

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  • Thanks for your comment Michael. Yes, she is a very advanced child and you could tell it was coming from her heart. I feel that children like her will be the new leaders who will show the way to many.
    LoveLight, Marilyn

  • Thanks for your friendship. I have enjoyed your sharing and insights on the posts here and feel that you are a loving person. I am happy to be your friend. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Love and light

    Funscrape.Com | More Friendship Flower Comments
  • Dearest Michael, I've just requested your friendship. Thank you for responding to my discussion. May you have a blessed weekend.
    LoveLight, Marilyn

  • .:.*.:.*.:.*PEACE BE WITH YOU THIS DAY AND ALWAYZ*.:.*.:.*.:.

  • dear Michael,
    thanks for your sweet comment on my blog and here i give you the photo, so you will have it when ever you need it

    be blessed by the Love and Light from the new Atlantis,
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Michael charles david jay replied to Semile's discussion Bliss
"wonderful beautiful   wisdom  of the sacred heart"
Jul 25, 2012
Michael charles david jay replied to turtles's discussion Solara An Ra
"wonderful   beautiful collection  of    wisdom  healing  and                                                                                                      attunement  videos  the  balance  and   sound of  solaras  videos
is  near perfect    …"
Mar 30, 2012
Michael charles david jay replied to Ben-Arion's discussion The MERKABAH Ships of the Ashtar Command by Cmdr Lady Athena
"dear athena     a truly   wonderful   expostion   of   higher  reality  thank  you
i  read  years  ago   THE  TALES  OF  BELSEBUB  TO  HIS GRANDSON     by  gurgeff  or  ospensky
it  stated  that  this   belsebub   created  the  artificial  flying …"
Feb 24, 2012
Michael charles david jay replied to Barron's discussion Barack Obama not disclosing extraterrestrial presence is top ET/UFO story of 2009
"hi  draco     like  many    groups  of   people   they  plan  many  months  sometimes  years  ahead
my thoughts  are   the  illuminate   were  putting  forward  false  info  about  disclosure  to draw out
who  would  relish  with   this  info …"
Feb 24, 2012

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