I for one, respect all the opinions of those who have theories as to what may happen On Dec 21st. I have heard all types of scenarios from hypothetical scientific based theories to metaphysical to government  based theories. The fact is many people believe something may happen.

 1.  What do you think will happen?

 2.  And as they say its better to be prepared and have nothing happen then to have some thing happen and not be prepared, how have you prepared yourself and your loved ones?

All comments and theories welcome.

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      • if only staying indoors could make the inevitable avoidable, then there would have been shortage of space indoors- great great great great.................................grandfather would have been here.


        it is like any other normal day.

  • I'm staying home on the farm, against my wife's wishes of Christmas shopping and shopping, I just feel better doing that. Trust me things will be just fine!

    Love to you all.


    • Sounds good, I guess being on a farm is one of the most prepared places to be. I imagine it will be chaotic regardless if something happens or not.

    • Good choice Eion, Im staying home too because I think it will be a bit chaotic with people being anxious and such. 

  • nothing's going to happen out of the ordinary and the weenies who have blown this out of proportion will wait awhile and think of something else t make a fuss about-just like disclosure last year with the trip to the mother ship with what's his name and nothing happened-the mayan calender is just that-disclosure will never happen until 3d humans can perceive 4d humans-space brothers are 4d-nonsense usually rules the day

    • I am not disrespecting you opinion just wondering what you mean by that last part?

  • Hey dear nice too see you8116166474?profile=original

  • Thanks Dawn, I LOVE REM.....

  • It's your choice beleive this ,or not


    Earth is entering a Vibrational Dimensional Ascension . These changes are deeply affecting our emotional and mental state , as well as our life-styles , we are also undergoing some physical changes as our body readjusts to the higher vibrational forces from Star Alciones interdimensional photon belt which activates our increasing levels of consciousness .

    More strands of DNA are changing from a carbon-based body with 2 strands of DNA into a crystalline body which has access to 15,000 strands of DNA, because only crystalline substances can exist on higher dimensional levels . But it is not just we humans who are changing into crystalline, but all life-forms, including the Earth .

    Psychic time travel is done by ensuring the brain receives a regular dosage of delta waves through sleep , this charges the brain and nervous system and the subconscious ! Without Delta you cant also take advantage of remote viewing ! The photon belt , because of the energy and frequency shifting can make the human with their jumping DNA hard to sleep . Drugs and elements like Lithium which is also used in thermonuclear weapons as a medium , and Zyprexa will help you sleep and obtain the required delta nervous system charging states .

    When you enter into the higher dimensional frequencies, you will be able to vibrate harmonically and sympathetically with the frequencies from higher dimensional spectrums. Thus, you will have enhanced or increased type of awareness. Your consciousness will alter into higher frequencies and higher perception !
    All this will start take full force in the years 2012-2013 earths orbit will be
    in the photon belt as the sun around year 2000 ! Your DNA is jumping triggering new capabilitys starting these years ! The Dreamspell calendar is
    your observation tool !  


    • I believe that peoples behavior will be affected so when you say changes are deeply affecting our emotional and mental state I can see this as a logical reason. I also believe in astral projection and out of body experiences due to the crazy dreams Ive been having lately and I couldnt agree more that our brains are experiencing new changes in our sleep. 

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