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  • skater owl...!!!!


  • Hey buddy!!

    omg have i been superrrrrrrrrrrr active these days LOL

    busy busy!!

    saw you online and now can respond, woohoo! ♥ lol

    Ok back to topics;

    yea i can understand how so many die from sun related causes. Could it be its getting worse due to the ozone layer getting bigger and the chemically in the food over there?

    Its ironic they make ad's warning people about sunning, and then the same people who make those ad's  show bikini clad tanned women in swimwear section of the media! lol

    oo shame u dont have pics of THE D. mountains, soounds too good!! i wanna seeeeeeee the mountain, sounds awesome.

    You was 13 in 1995 i was 14, so na na! lollolol school fight, aha!

    its really interesting about south african and the *gold* stones lol I want someeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee LOL

    actually i dont like gold, i prefer wearing real silver, but my mom loves her gold! lol

    well if south africa is so dangerous how does the country keep those shops/ bizaars open, & dont things get stolen there? (the ones u said are open throughout the day) wow they must consume much? so many trolleys! LOL

    yep send me pics of macchu P !!!

    ok i will find some of norway!!#

    ooo yea i agree greece is one of my favorites,,,,, yes i visited parts of spain also i went to the island of mallorca which was a little boring? haha... but anyway it was a trip i guess...

    regarding PR ooo yea it was massive floods but the military knew it was gonna happen a week before, so they saved alot of people when it  hit bad, i didnt hear any deaths, but cos im a tourist i wonder if i did know the whole story... ?? cos they hide shit from tourists.

    however i did see alot of gun crimes, and a dead body when i was out there observing, it was pretty horrendous for those people , sad thing i dont know where is worse, pr or south africa LOL. alot of drugs too.... alot of druggies, poverty, and then they cover it up with music, partying and booze... its all crazy lol 

    skater owl...!!!!

  • Ok I understand about Sydney,,,, !!

    do people get sunburnt there when trying to escape the heat? lol

    South Africa, does sound amazing….i had a few friends from south Africa who told me a lot about it ;)

    in terms of nature….  The Drakensberg mountain range sounds amazing! Do you have pics? Rock 3 billion years old???? Howwwww wow! Lol

    wow didn’t know having a gun there is considered wise? Wow!! Is it because people are so poor they have to rob others?

    Machu picchu ,,, I wanna go there!!!!!!!!!!! Lol

    how did u find it there?

    haha finally I see your nationality, is Serbian… ooooooooooooo how fun!!

     I got asked to croatia once, I declined (because I did not have the time working away) but I hear it’s a lovely place ;)

    Yes I understand about taboo subjects, my family themselves are very traditional Indians who are very religious, so talking about any of this phenemona is out of the question, not at the dinner table, LOL

    Ive learnt to shutup, because in my culture its wise not to speak out unless it’s a necessity in case they lock you up in a mental asylum…LOL


    Scandanavia is pretty awesome, the people are wonderful; and Norway is gorgeous, ive never seen anything like this in all my life!

    If you want I can send you some pics!!

    There’s a certain magic here, and of course I know why ;)  it holds portal grounding energies. Beautiful place!

    Certain parts of India is also magical, as is Portugal, and Greece…top areas !! sri lanka also… these countries ive travelled to… I also visited the states and ended up in Puerto rico  which was a surreal experience lol… a lot of density in certain areas of the united states and also in Puerto rico, which mama gaia translates to harsh bad weather and flooding!

    There was hurricane while I was there and the towns all got flooded, except the one I was at…. Thanks to the family and guides I remained safe, thank god!

     Ive also been to spain which to me was most boring…!

    So top countries ive been too are definitely Portugal and Greece and Norway !

    Each holds key energies, Australia also has a multitude of portals

    And other countries also hold them, but the amounts depends on the location to the centre points on the earth’s grid.

    I Got invited to Australia too, had to decline that too, and I have 2 close 3d mates who live out there now lol

    So tell me more of your fascinating stories?, LOL

  • OOO glad you love my interrogation time ... time for more!!!, lol

    You Clapping hands reminds me of a great seal act? Lol

    about your favorite place?

    Oh wow you loved all of them? That’s a nice thing to say!! I do believe each place we visit has its *unique* energy signature, pattern , so sometimes its hard to choose a favourite!!!

    ooo you found London intense; GOOD THAT’S MY HOME lol…!!!

    the serene south afrique (I can believe that too, did you end up on a safari? ) ?


    yes paris is an oldy with strip bars, so I can imagine it holds a lot of unfinished energy which can be good and bad… in my opinion.

    Belgrade sounds very antiquity , never tried their food? How is it???? Tell me , I love eating like a fat pig, LOL

    I once tried ethopian food (yes they do eat) and its delicious!! Its like flat pancakey bread with spices and sauce… was delicious!!!

    How did you learn the simple things in Lima/Cusco? Is it safe there?

    Did you meet shamans??? it Sounds fun!!

    Sydney ,,, wow,,, I heard from friends that place was amazing when they went there? hmmm I guess they must be liars, lol

    & what is your birth place originally? Are u an ozzie? LOL

    And u must have a lot of money back packing around,,,, lol

    I love travelling myself; its just soooooooooo amazing!!

    I wish to go more places soon!! Im in norway at the moment , its gorgeous!!!

    Hope your having a brilliant party

    & new year over there my wonderful friend!!!!! here's wishing you properity!!!


  • oooooo u lived in all those places?! amazing,QUESTION TIME, lol

    what was your favorite place?

    and what do u remember/learn about that experience?

    and how long did u stay there?

    what was your least favorite and why?

    i love travelling myself!! :)) been to many places, and it opens the mind!!!

    It also helps to clarify what i do and do not want out of life :)

    I too wish there was NO border force, and we could travel unrestricted without documentation; but sadly NO!

    Thank you for your chill out track, i will watch it (as soon as my fussy internet works full power again!) lol


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  • ooo i do love that song!!Lions sleeps nomore! ;p

    my my, you do alota travelling dont you? thats a lot of place to be AT at this time of the year lol

    santa's also having a merry ole time!!

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