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I'm not sure if this is a part of what is going on or not. This past year I have lost 50 lbs!. Last year I weighed almost 270 lbs. I'm 6'4" tall and now weigh 217lbs, which is okay, but I don't want to really loose anymore weight. Everyone comments on it and thinks that I am sick or something. I have lost almost all my appetite for meat? I went from 3 meals a day to usually just one now. I just don't feel like eating that much these days. I do drink about a gallon of distilled water a day and lots of juice. I used to love a good steak, now I find the idea of eating meat revolting? I don't mind fish, a burger as long as there is lots of onions, lettuce etc on it. Nothing with just meat though. I practice sun gazing and read that this will make you eat less (guess it is true), but why is meat revolting to me now is the question? I think of it as eating a carcass, a dead body. Are these new energies reprogramming us in some way as far as eating meat? I know people who would love to be able to loose weight like this. I just had a physical and everything was good. Is anyone else experiencing something like this with the eating and weight loss?....Thanks

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  • Odd, not the weight loss, but thoughts as I look at meat now.  I constantly remind my wife it turns me off, yet I give in again and again as that is what is served, but now she is changing as well, we shall see.

  • hm very interesting that I find this thread. The last week and a half I havnt been able to eat hardly anything and have lost like 10-13 pounds. I felt sick to my stomach and littereally could not swallow or chew food and had to force myself to eat dispite being hungry. maybe it was a meat withdrawl? haha This happened right after I switched to no beef or pork. I have food alergies and digestive problems already, so I dont eat milk eggs and the like. now I mostly eat fruit and vegis and a little chicken only because I have to. I find eating meat difficult if it is just plain meat or clearly looks like flesh and its disgusts me.

    great post btw. XD

  • before I started my awakening I went from 230lbs to down to (at my lowest)160lbs, but I am also 5'4. I realized that I started to lose the weight before my shift in consciousness.....looking back now i found it interesting that i lost the weight a year or so before my shift.......as if I was preparing.....also before I lost the weight what consciously went through my mind "I am ready to let this go." and all the ingredients in my life showed up to support that weight loss......and it was easy.....

  • I've read on many spiritual sites that claims meat is often carrying negative energies. But it's something that I find hard to exclude from my diet. Proteins is the most important macronutrient for me and meat gives a better feeling of filling you up coupled with veggies compared to what dairies and carbohydrates such as pasta and rice.

    I can though agree that I find it harder to eat meat in forms of steaks from cows or pigs than I do with eating chicken. Chicken-breast and sometimes minced-meat is the meat i prefer. And I cannot comment on if it gives me negative energies like some people claim. The fear of the slaughtered animals get stuck inside and get passed over to you right? I also love eating fish. 

    I want to listen to my body, not someone else. If I feel good by eating chicken breast I will continue to do that, no matter if someone claims it's supposedly gives me negative energies.

    • You are well on your way to becoming a galactic being.  By doing what you feel is best for yourself and not giving into the fear porn and division being set up by those who wish to dictate how people live their lives, you are ensuring your own happiness and sovereignty

  • Yes Audie!! You are in "good company!" As we move towards Ascension and our DNA and cellular structures are being overhauled, understand that your body is now going thru a "metamorphisis" and discarding what it no longer need to function on. If your physical vessel needs to lose or gain weight, thats what will happen for you. As for suddenly disliking certain foods and other "pastimes" that you used to enjoy...fear not. This, too, is normal as you go forward with this process. Something else that may help you, if you haven't seen it already, is to go to Youtube and type in Ascension Symptoms. There you can see what you're currently dealing with and what you can expect! The guys at the VA will say otherwise! :)

  • It sounds like your body is ascending into your lightbody, it is all a part of ascension.. Body building is a 3Dimensional activity. Eating animal meat blocks the third eye and hinders ascension, that is why you're losing taste for it.

  • i find this too. over the past 3 years i have lost about 15LBS. doesnt sound like allot but im only 5'3. i really only want to eat light foods like salad, soup, healthy light foods. i still eat meat. i mostly eat organic locally grown and maybe twice a week. it only tasts "good" to me if it came from somewhere close by and organic. most likely is because its a local butcher who buys local and i live in an area where theres lots of that. maybe ist because the animals are happier? higher vibration? the thought of going to walmart and buying 3 steaks with a sticker slapped on it saying 10bucks makes me want to gag! where did it come from? now im growing my own veggies, buying from the local outdoor market... cant eat heavy foods anymore unless its healthy.


    i think we really are going into a higher vibration.. and as such we can handle low vibration food and heavy unhealthy food anymore. its just too heavy for our bodies to take.

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