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  • Hello old friend.  How are you doing?  I haven't spoken to you forever and a day.  My number has changed several times.  How are you and the family.

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    I like this one .

    Much love,light and laughter,

    Your friend Meindert.



  • Conspiracy Of Silence ~The Franklyn Cover-Up

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  • TY Light Warrior for the friendship and for being part of our healing.

    Namaste !!!

  • @ LightWarrior - And when "were we asked not to post responses like those anymore."  Please send me the memo because I didn't receive it.  And you didn't get my memo which I said if Greg can post his comments, then I also have the right to reply and tell the truth about them.  Which is fair for both sides of the argument.  You don't give people a one-sided story and don't give them something else to choose from.  People have the right to hear both statements and let them choose which one they believe in. 

    Also, LightWarrior, a lie is a lie.  No matter how you sugarcoat it.  But everybody is in a different level of consciousness and thereby decipher Greg's messages differently.   Here are some noticeable differences from Greg's messages and from the ascended masters and star races messages I've studied:

    5D beings would never instigate violence or threaten another being.

    5D beings would not use negative words, statements or phrases in their messages.

    5D beings would not send false information, projects and programs to lightworkers.

    5D beings would never inject their ego in their messages.

    They do however:

    5D beings always bring forth messages of unconditional love and compassion.

    5D beings always asked for "your highest good" to come out of any situation.

    5D beings asked that you work on your spiritual development and focus on the GOD WITHIN.

    5D beings only offers advice, tell you to seek the truth and they're with you no matter your decision.  

    Time and time again, many people have shown the false information (Geithner Arrest, We salute the Fallen, etc) and Failed programs and project (Gifts of youth, Seawalls, etc) and as usual, the people that follow him never acknowledge it or ignore it when presented right in front of them.  And you don't even ask Greg what is going on, you go on the the next failed false info, program, project over and over again.  And you wonder why he is banned by many sites, his viewership at his blogsite is less that 50, his credit and reputation in the lightworkers community is mud.  I don't get on you if you still what to be fooled by him, that's fine by me.  But don't get on me for commenting what is true.  If Greg is still posting, then I can comment.  As anybody as the right. 

  • Hello, I hope you are doing well.  I wish to speak to you.  Is it possible for you to call me.

  • Well hello there neighbor.  It is very nice to make your acquaintance.  It is nice to know that I am not the only Awakened being in our great state of Georgia.  As you see, I live in Milledgeville, Georgia.  I am actually from Macon and Jones County.  Circumstances that were out of my control at the time, caused me to have to move to Milledgeville.  Now, I don't ever want to leave here except to board my ship..Keep in touch.  Would like to get to know more about you and find out if we have any experiences in common through the Awakening and Ascension process.  As you may see, I am Awakened and have been ascending at a rapid speed for the last couple of months.  I look forward to hearing from you.  I keep my computer with me where ever I go and always checking my e-mail and pretty much hang out on here.

    Be in Peace!  TEACH ONLY LOVE!

    Master Rhiannon Yellow Star

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  • hey darlin!  nice to hear from you!  well, if you've been around here, you know the big story this weekend is going to be the heat.  someone on the radio this morning said that, by saturday, we will all officially be in hell.  lol

    and yes, i know where snow hill is at.  many years ago we went to the outdoor drama there, but i don't remember what it is called.

    next time you're in the neighborhood, you should let me know and we could meet for lunch or a drink or something. . . compare notes on our childhoods growing up in the south or something.

    and as irony would have it, i have family in georgia as well.  that's where one of my grandmothers was from.  the little town isn't even on the map any more - it was swallowed by camp stuart many years ago.  so perhaps we are each other's mirror image.  lol

  • light nope i didnt get that email; can u resend? :)

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Conyers, GA


January 29

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I an an Honorably Discharged Disabled Marine Corps Veteran. ('81-'86). I have been intrigued, yet ridiculed by others, by any spiritual information that was not "mainstream." I have also had many unexplainable events occur in my life that now, since I surrendered my life to this spiritual work, have been thoroughly explained! It also helped me tremendously to know that I was and am not alone.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

One of my very first physical teachers of the eso-exoteric was Dr. Malaki Z. York. I also read the channels of Kryon and Orin and DaBen.

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