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You are correct about Apple, Pet Rock. China offered Apple ZERO taxes to stay in China, and Apple said no. Trump may have started something big for the U.S. economy, but the high levels of bullishness in the stock market is reminiscent of the Roaring 20's. And while I can admit I was wrong about a panic in 2017 and like what is going on with my 401K, I don't like what I see with this growing euphoria taking place. I am still waiting for my bartender or my waitress to give me stock tips to know we are over the top.

it may correct but the positive economic newss just keeps coming out no matter what the fake news says

Malcolm-no tax in china on profits if you headquarter there and share tech/proprietary info with the commies

Drekx Omega:  Yes, but he "talks like a child"!  People are more concerned about the OUTWARD APPEARANCE of Trump and don't pay any attention to the good that he is doing.  (I suppose they would rather have a SILVER-TONGUED TALKING SNAKE like Obama was, be real SLICK, tell a good STORY, and do NOTHING).

yes darkstar-but all these idiots, including from other western countries, are going to benefit when the economy reall kicks from the tax cuts and Americans will benefit more from the application of existing laws concerning immigration and security=

all this open borders bs is ultimately about turning the US into an anti Christian balkanized polyglot for money-

The $25 Trillion Land Grab
Ten megapolitans are poised for a development boom that, by 2030, will dwarf America's post-WWII buildout. Here's our treasure map of potential opportunity.
By Paul Kaihla

(Business 2.0) – There has been an impressive amount of construction in the United States over the last three centuries: All told, we've built more than 300 billion square feet of homes, offices, factories, and other structures. But according to new studies from the Brookings Institution and Virginia Tech urban planning professor Robert Lang, we're about to pick up the pace--it will take just 25 years to erect the next 200 billion square feet, which we'll need to accommodate 70 million more people and to replace homes and offices erased by everything from disasters like Hurricane Katrina to plain old obsolescence.

If you think the real estate boom of the past decade was bounteous, peek a little further over the horizon: Researchers estimate that the massive buildout will constitute a $25 trillion development market by 2030, more than twice the size of the entire U.S. economy today. According to Lang, the bulk of that money will flow into 10 major metro regions he has christened "megapolitans." On the following pages, we've assembled exclusive growth forecasts for each of these regions and--based on interviews with dozens of regional planners, developers, and investors--identified the savviest angles to play in the near and long term.

the many lies are aggravated by the lack of intelligence ........


the definition of blacks is IGNORANT ..................... because Africa is the richest continent on earth for material goods that are stolen by Westerners other than the racist = IGNORANT

trump declassified fisa memo, more delays. time's up dark hats

yes Drexk -deplorables laughing like the that monkey!!!

obama deception ended by fisa memo release, today.....;-]




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