February 19

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  • You are Strong, and there's no ailment on Earth that could possibly deter you from your Utlimate Goal. You can beat EVERYTHING, just by going THROUGH it. :)

  • Dear Jose'....just believe in yourself and that God's Presence is always there and is the power by which you do anything and you will do well...

    What are your interests in off world beings?  Do you have any contact or sighting stories to share with us? If not it's ok you are still welcome to join us.  But if you do have any stories of ET contact or sightings of the ships we would love to hear them. 

    Also, ask Val or Donn to send the Victor Angels to help you at the gym and tell us what happens.  They are healers, also.  -

    Best wishes, Valana and Val

  • I just read your message today. 
    I hope you are feeling better now. 
    One BIG HUG from me. 
    I wish you a successful and speedy recovery. 

  • greetings and may your health return, speedily......

  • Saluti amico :) 
    How is the weather in Italy, it's cold and rainy here. 


  • Hi jose, haven't heard from you lately (you used to comment a lot).

  • Hello...ciao...goodnight :) 

  • You see my friend...told you that we can win, we can change the world, forever...WE HAVE THE WILL.....

    We are the victors and so will all our European friends win...I foresee many EXITS from the corrupt EU, after Brexit...Including Italy... :-0

  • No worries my friend. When all those remaining and already educated immigrants starts to work and pay taxes, you'll suddenly find your country prospering far more than it would have without them. You've gotten a great surplus of adult workers, and with skills that can easily be utilized. That bode well for the future. :)

  • Thank you Jose' for accepting my friendship. Have a wonderful weekend!



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jose' commented on amparo alvarez's blog post URGENT PRAYER REQUEST by SUZANNE MARESCA
"Suzanne   dai     forza    le   tue  cellule    sanno  come  guarire  BENEDIZIONI  CIAO"
Oct 17, 2019
jose' commented on amparo alvarez's blog post UNIVERSAL MOTHER MARY: "THE POWER OF PRAYER"
"I have some doubts that this is really the case, if those who pray DO NOT SEE NOTHING EVER what do you need to pray? you will say 'pray POCO, yes of course, but if you never see anything realized of what you ask praying you become discouraged and…"
Oct 11, 2019
jose' commented on Drekx Omega's blog post European Union Federalist Fanatics Should Accept The Winds Of Change Leading to Sovereign Nations
"Hello to all , are ALWAYS to consider business, because Germany has the highest sales business with ENGLAND think they will not do anything to always keep ENGLAND in the European Union, but now Europe also melts due to INCOPTIONALITY ..... hello ..."
Sep 19, 2019
jose' replied to Agarther Z's discussion White Hats Report - 4th of July Announcement
"go ahead with ease, tell good lies so much for the brain that you have available, it is NOT allowed believe that many follow the many repeated nonsense sometimes hoping that humans stoned by your subbliminal messages alcohol drugs false medicine…"
Jul 6, 2019

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"The vegetarians will have to eat cockroaches 'tommorrow'. They are part of those dissing farmers."
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"Canadian journalist Keean Bexte on Twitter: “If you don't side with the farmers in 🇳🇱🇮🇹🇵🇱🇺🇸🇨🇦🇫🇷🇩🇪 today, enjoy eating cockroaches tomorrow.”

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"Canadian journalist Keean Bexte on Twitter: “🇵🇱 Polish farmers are rising up! This is growing into a global movement.”

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"Canadian journalist Keean Bexte on Twitter: “IT'S HAPPENING 🇮🇹: Italian farmers are rising up in protest, threatening to take their tractors to Rome. "We are not slaves, we are farmers! We cannot make ends meet!"

🎬 Video:…"
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