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  • Use this Archangel Raphael Prayer Any Time You Need Assistance Connecting with Divine Love...

    /It is advisable to keep praying even after the healing takes place...because it helps us to stay away from any negativity...It keep us in the higher vibrations...and higher vibrations means = being and staying healthy...

    Blessings Jose and concentrate on your healing for as long as you need to...Follow you heart...Don't get discourage because some times doctors make mistakes...and what matters more than anything is how you feel about yourself and how much you believe in yourself... 

    Begin by taking a deep breath, closing your eyes and shifting your awareness within. Focus on the area of your heart and ask:

    (When You Call Upon Archangel Raphael, He Answers!)

    “Archangel Raphael, please enter into this present time and space. Surround me with your love and light and the healing energy that will most support me in letting go of any lower vibrations and negativity.

    Help me let go of any lower emotions, thought patterns, or limiting beliefs that are blocking me from my true and divine authentic wellbeing; from the truth of my radiant physical body, my vibrant spirit, my clear mind. At this time, surround me with your healing light and uplift my vibration.

    Support me in tuning i

    eep breath, closing your eyes and shifting your awareness within. Focus on the area of your heart and ask:nto your healing on every level.

    Help me to tune into your guidance and inspire me to toward continued healing, healthy choices and actions, and changes that will most serve me in aligning with my most vibrant, radiant, high vibrational self.

    Thank you for your continued presence in my life.

    Thank you for your direct intervention and for flowing the divine healing love into each and every cell, into my mind, body and spirit.

    Archangel Raphael, help me to learn the lessons and hear the messages that pain in my body is drawing my attention to.Help me to release lower vibrational habits, to release pain and tune into the radiant, vibrant love that is my blueprint of the divine; that is my highest vibrational truth.

    Thank you for your emerald green healing light, the flowing crystalline light of the divine.

    Thank you for bringing the highest vibrations of love around me to free me from negativity and to invoke healing on every level. I ask this according to Divine Will, for the highest and greatest good, and so it is.”

    Continue focusing on the center of your being; on your heart chakra. Let your heart open as you feel, sense, and relax. Feel the change in your vibration and tune into the direct presence of Archangel Raphael.

    “Archangel Raphael I ask for your help. Surround me with your healing love and energy. Thank

  • The Violet Flame can heal also because it transmutes all that causes disease...which is the negativity within or around you...

    Image result for images of the violet flame

  • When you call upon the Advanced Violet Flame to transmute all negativity within you life, in your bodies (physical, etheric, mental and emotional) it will change the energy and you will feel it working by the change see in your way of thinking and in the way you start feeling in your physical body...You keep doing it everyday...

    Image result for images of the violet flame

  • I am not sure Jose!!! Go within and ask your HigherSelf...One thing is for sure...We are being visited more and more by our Galactic brothers and sisters..   Perhaps they are part of your Galactic Soul family...Go within to get the answers...and you could see it in your third eye or you may hear it...To me that is a good sign...Blessings and much Love to you...

  • All you need is Trust, Faith in God and in yourSelf, and keep doing those things that help you heal...Your prayers and meditations are at this time very powerful...along with the faith you add and the trust...Stay positive because when you are, you attract the same for your self...Doubts and fears only bring you more of the same...TRUST, AND LOVE YOURSELF...THE REST WILL FOLLOW ACCORDINGLY...Blessings of PEACE, LOVE, LIGHT AND HEALING to YOU...

    Fill yourSelf with multicolor rainbows of light from the Angelic Kingdom. Ask the Angels to guide you...

    Image result for Bright rays of multicolor rainbows

  • All that you said about your healing is true...Without the Archangels help, and God you would not have been able to heal...Yet you are forgetting the most important person here...And that is YOU...You are healing because you accepted that healing...You are ready for it...You are ready to let go of all that is not helping you...Am I right? SomeOne is helping you...from above and that SomeOne arranged this encounter of you and me...but I am not the cause of your healing...You are...No one can get healed if they are not ready for healing, if they don't allow for healing to take place...I ask that you accept that you are the cause of your healing and that the Archangels can only help because you believed and called on Them...Accept your have it and you are healing yourself with the help of the Angels...Can you contemplate what I am telling you as Truth? Blessings always with Love...

  • Ciao Jose!  One thing I learned is that God is always being there for us but we were not aware of Him/Her...We humanity have been ignoring Him/Her...Consciously or unconsciously we have ignored God...The way to reach out to God is through silence, stopping the chatter in the mind...Silence is precious and it takes you to your heart where God resides...The spark of God is in your heart...Listen to the beat of your heart while you close your eyes and feel that heart beating, talking to you....Breathe slowly and deeply while you feel your heart...He/She is waiting for you to reach Him/Her there...deep in your heart...Blessings and much Love always...

  • I am so happy for you Jose...One way to give thanks is to help others as you said...Encourage them to believe in themselves...Remind them how great they are and how they can stay positive and believe they can get healed if they allow it like you did...Blessings Jose and stay happy...That is the key...

  • God is already intervening ways that we do not perceive because we are too busy complaining and arguing and being distracted...We need to be in the NOW moment, not in the past or not even in the future, since it is not yet here...but being present is the way to go...God is very personable and when you trust in Him/Her and persist on reaching out to Him/Her you will see your life changing for the better...and all the pieces will fall into the right place....Don't give up and don't allow your ego to interfere with your Trust and Faith...Blessings Jose of Peace, Love, Light and Health...

  • You know what I say: Yes, thanks to Archangel Gabrielle and Archangel Raphael, and thanks to God...but YOU did it for yourself...without your consent, the Archangels would not have been able to intervene...not even God because you and all of us have FREE WILL...and because of that, if we don't ask and do not believe nothing happens...Jose, believe it...You have power, all of us do...we need to start believing that...The power we have we need to use it for the highest good of all...and for our highest good...I am so glad that you are beginning to see how all works...Faith, Trust, and asking are the keys to obtaining that which is for the highest good of yourself and of others...Blessings Jose...and keep believing and asking with fervor...and you should keep on receiving that which you asked for...

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