The devil does not have a tail

If you go to hell and ask the demons why they are evil, pop! A can of fresh worms will be opened to you! A very long story will be delivered to you that might as well prove to you that what you thought were angels all along are infact the true demons!But how often do we wait for someone with a red tail, long nails, seven heads and ten horns for us to say; there is the devil!This analogy is specifically good when the term 'cabal' is beginning to sound like the word 'demon'. The world is now black and white. It is us angles vs them demons. 'Angels' always need scapegoats for their own irresponsibilites. So as long as there is a need to perceive ourselves as angels, we must absolutely invent demons!At one side of the pendulum are willfull problem creators who absolutelly doesn't look like human beings at all! There is nothing that is too evil for them. They can use people's bodies for torches. At the other end of the pendulum are amazing angels. Unbeleivably good, lightworkers, indigos, wayshowers etc. All they can do is send love, healing etc to gaia.Make sense? What will it seperate creatures of the same species in such a vast difference? If you have CONSCIENCE and feel the need to act according to it, what makes you think another person who looks like you can completely lack these things?The explanation that makes sense is just the one I told you! Go to hell and ask the demons themselves!! We are tired of an endless circle of accusations from amongst the angels themselves. Indead you must be stupid if you listen only to angels blaming the demons. What demon will admit that he is the demon? He will always point his fingure on God claiming that that is the true concocter of all the problems.Nowadays, the reasoning proceeds;If some people will benefit by doing activity A, then activity A is infact being done by some people! The point is it doesn't matter how heonic activity A is. As fallacius as it is, this argument is the bread and butter of the feer pornstars! In manages to convince some gullible morons though!

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  • I think your hand is bleeding.

    You hit the mirror once again.

    Still locked inside the game.

  • You better lol
  • Like the hattfield and McCoy feud but within oneself. Love your insight Fourier love ya hun.
  • Well.
    ..duality is going out with a wild tail thrashing. The more desperate the claws clutch to anyone and anything, the mistakes are bigger.
    The more ridiculous this old paradigm dragon becomes, we will know it's time has become even shorter.
  • One Source.

    • Only One.

  • Im a lil devil my horns hold up my halo lol
  • Its about balance absolute balance. Dark can't live in the light but there can't be one without the other also. How could you know its light if its dark all the time and vice versa
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