December 6

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I'm the first and the fourth.

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My life, my entire live was my teacher. I love her to hate.

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  • Suiris,
    Never assume that when pple take such and such path, they are trying to go to where you went to through this and that path, no no no no!! Our motives are often hidden in us and we often find no good way of expressing it to other pple. If you find someone along the road riding a bicycle, don't assume that he is trying to get to where you are going to by going with a motorbike no no no no!!

    It would be very foolish to go about advicing everybody on the road to ride on a motorbike. This is essentially what your doing on ACC, wasting your time with too much peaces of advice to pple who donnot give a shit.

    Mind your own business.:)
  • Suiris...hey,,,have you done soul retrieval, it will bring all those trauma fragments back into sync. Here is a simple way to do this...you can do this for yourself.  Also read in the comments for there is more info there...  http://www.starseeds.net/forum/topics/how-to-do-soul-retrieval-for-...

  • Thank you for your friendship :-)  Have a wonderful day :-) 


  • 8115213659?profile=originalThanks for your friendship Suiris

  • dear Suiris,many years ago a male soma reader drew this to give to me,he said i had a very important mission on Earth,and the written message on the bottom of the drawing was to be given to me,and in the future i would know what my mission was,do you yourself know what is written in this drawing(yes i believe it is light language,your insight of translation would be appreciated.love,light,blessings evonne.8110593473?profile=original

  • Are you serious, Suiris? : ) Thanks for the friendship, and everything else you share here, and everywhere.
    Hearty Blessings...
  • Just recognized that your picture was of the Wadjet Eye. I like it. ;)

  • You are a writer....

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Suiris replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion War Going On ..Nuclear War No Way ..Extraterrestrials Will Not Allow It
"Do people still believe in extraterrestrials when these are secret military aircraft and blue beam technology 100% of the time. Even abductions. Disclosure is a governmental agenda since the idea of aliens was conceived and later executed with the…"
Apr 9, 2022
Suiris replied to Purifier's discussion Suggestion: Make a Discord server for this site/community?
"Can it be used by bots?"
Apr 25, 2020
"The creations of this logos, under the law of forgetfulness, resulted in the polarization of love as the intention that drives the illusion of the human experience in all its facets.

How is it possible that the mind of the plenum void has become so…"
Dec 21, 2019
Suiris replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion Junk Food In Stores Is Creating Junk Humans.. Unfit And Third Class Humans ...The Shift : Eat Healthy...Live Healthy And Live Longer
"But humans are junk, act like junk, eat junk and produce junk. It's all a perfect reflection. Not without consequences, of course. But this consequences are part of the learning process, much like a child getting closer to the flame, or a moth for…"
Dec 17, 2019

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I will share with you what will happen in the next four months and the next seven years.I will tell you exactly what will happen and the reason why it will happen.However, there is always only a Probable Future because man is always changing…
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"The Rothschilds are definitely a sketchy bunch of individuals that's for sure."
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