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Ever sinse I was a child, I ofter hear some guys say that a certain guy who surreptitiously disapeared off the land of Palestin is comming soon. At times in sundays, I pass by some high roofed buildings and I hear some guys sing:Oh I shall see him…
Nov 15, 2014
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One day, I was very thirsty standing on a dam and watching the lake. It felt like if I would be given the whole lake, I would drink the whole of it! But of course you know what happens. After you take a glass or 2, the water begines to test like…
Nov 6, 2014
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There is a certain kind of painting that I like so much. This image also often come to my eyes when I close them after some meditation. I recently realised that it is just some visible music!I would like you to post a pic for me about this painting.…
Oct 26, 2014
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Scientists are yet to understand why we dream. Probably, they will not underrtand it until the paradigm shift from outside-in to inside-out view of the cosmos. At the heart of the problem is the eluding thing we call 'mind'. It only makes sense to…
Oct 21, 2014

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"Sirian starseeds are worldwide and we are detecting them and joining our efforts...Some are telepaths and there is one in Russia, who is a telepath and Sirian Shiratar.....Some may be surprised that she was introduced to me by the Count, as a 7th…"
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"Olivia Newton-John.....RIP.......🥲.......🪦

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"RL You should never say on a Webpage like this something evil like that about the Humans for who we come for. Mission Rama is about Humans not about Shan (Earth). Humans are not parasite. The true Parasits are the Reptilians and Co. who are…"
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"Dealing with the dark cabal reps I have myself performed the duties associated with GFL/DC liason work..
One has to be open minded, as sometimes we can get dark agents to defect to our Lighted cause....It's a bit like the old "cold war," between the…"
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"He talk about USA or Russia? Or both?
Maybe we have been warned!

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"The FBI searched his house. They say about him. He took documents from the White House to his private residence.
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"The good guys are winning and Trump isn’t wrong 🗽"
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"It's nothing new that scientist research on biological weapons although even if they are forbidden. Fact is that a virus that kills, is designed to kill only humans."
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