Hey guys - maybe you can help me with this one...I know about the ascention symptoms ("Symptoms of spiritual awakening"). So far, so good. What I am wondering now is, if anybody have experienced/know about other symptoms as well. For instant:Stiffness in the body You feel like a wardrobe when you are trying to walk after resting.Hot and swollen on one side of the face and cold on the other. (comes and goes).Fibrositis/Chronic muscular pain (sort of). Sourness in muscles, bones, connective tissue.Numbness In the arms/legs, waking up in the middle of the night with your arm totally gone.Electromagnetic hypersensitivity Headache, tiredness, pain when near electronic devices.Problems with the blood-pressure. Up or down.Thanks for your help !Marita

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    wait for the adult acne.....and weight gain..all symtoms let you feel panici and tired all the time. look at the bright side! everyday is great challenge;)

  • hello :D

    well i dont have any symptoms you say here but my skull shape seems to be changing as of late and the back of my head has become more sensitive. and my physchic powers are increasing and im remembering more memories of past life and wakening to who i am.

    robert gordon
  • Hi Marita,
    well yes there are certainly some symptoms I suffer also from.

    I also wake up in the morning with a stiffness in my back, that I can only roll out of my bed and move very slowly. It takes some time to come back to a normal state.
    Also the sleepy numb Arm or so on.
    But sometimes I wonder if my spine-problems double the effect of the ascension symptoms. I wonder, if the spine-prob (iliosacral-kindathing is being in wrong state....sorry don´t know how to express in english) wasn´t there, the symptoms weren´t as bad.
    Last days I went to the physiotherapist and he rearranged it with cranio-sacral-therapy....
    but symptoms are still there...........today I feel like being smashed by a truck. And since last monday I sleep very much.
    During summertime the symptoms were rare and not so disturbing. But now the time of rest (winter) is here and a new wave of transformation seems to come over me...........
    and that all began last Monday after we met for our spiritual meetings. We had very transforming energies there and so it started again with ascending frequencies. Whooow...not bad, but hard to stand in daily life!!
  • So these are the symptoms huh?Cool.Cant wait till i experience them. 8)
  • I don't exactly have what you have but I have been seeing things which I at first dismissed as vision problems but when I was able to manipulate what I was seeing with my hands I knew it wasn't my eyes.

    Eye twitching which I discounted as stress. Tingling Crown ( I knew that was downloads). Blurred vision - I was tested for diabetes and it was negative and my eyes are fine.

    Whatever I have to do I believe has something to do with helping people see the truth.

  • I noticied a lot of positive things that started up about ten years ago, I know about the negative, we all seem to be having them.
    The positive ones, better and more focused Telepathy. Closer and better communications with ethereal guides. More syncronicity, a lot more. Able to retain information gained from the dream state/ astral visits.
    I have had one return I had not used since I was very young, I call it the old vulcan mind meld. I have only run across a few people that can do it, and it enables me to get into somebody elses thoughts.

    Anyway, there are more, and I am enjoying them gaining in strength. The bad ones, I just try to get along as best I can. It seems when I realize that the ascension process is causing the negative ones in order to prepare us, then they seem to lose strength.

    Take care.

    We are all in this together.

    • Hi Marc !

      Of course you are right, the a-process also comes with some good stuff. For instant opening up the communication to others which is very exciting. I admire you for being so positive though, I find it hard to do so when the symptoms are so overwhelming that you hardly can get out of your bed in the morning and do you work. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, tough it gives me hope.

      Love your picture with the dog and the gigantic bone (smiling).

      Take care friend !

    • Hi CEliaSTAria !

      Thank you for responding to my question, I am very grateful for that. Althoug I am very familiar with the other symptoms (I had all of them except for the increased hair and nail growth) and also have a lot of friends going through the same thing, I actually haven´t heard anything about these new symptoms, so it´s a relief to hear your comment. I really thought they might be something else and because of the intensity of them, they have certainly been taking a lot of energy from me latey. So much, that it actually makes it more and more tuff to just run your normal life and routine. Tell you the truth, I am really sick of it at the moment, I just want to be done with it now.

      I haven´t felt any pressure on the head, more sort of a feelings of a fan blowings in it, but I had a lot of the headaches you described. I got so used to it, that if I don´t have any pain one day, it feels strange actually (smiling). I also experienced a lot of energy through my body in various ways. I been feeling things in my forehead but I can´t say, they are tingelings and a friend of mine have problems staying in this dimension at the moment, she keeps drifting away. She can also see into other dimensions and she says it looks great. Maybe a little like you do. And I had some interesting experiences with the computer too, waves on the screen and parts of the text that suddenly turned blue or red for instant (hm). I also seen energies in various ways and have experiences what I think is a lot of other spirits/entities from other dimensions during the last couple of years. So much, that it feels like I am running a high-way motel sometimes (smiling)... I also think I am/or hear things from other places. It´s not just words and picures but full conversations (it started with pictures, words and music thought, and yes you can tell them to turn the music off or change it into someting more appropriate. It´s like your personal radio-station). But it can be very (and I mean very) confusing. Some of the dimensional "friends" sit in the sofa together watching TV with me (you know they keep telling me to move over... hm) and sometimes they help me in my work. Most of them are friendly, they all have different personalities and many also like to play pranks on you... It makes you crazy sometimes and I have stepped on them by misstake one or two times, especially the little ones (because you can´t see them) and they really don´t appreciate that. Unfortunately I can´t see them most of the times (would have been nice though, what a sight) but I can certainly hear and feel them (smiling). The only things I have seen are a tall goldenlight figure passing by and some invisible entities (yes, because you can see the contures when they are moving around, and funny feeling it is too). Well it´s wonderful world alright ! Thank you again for your help Celia.

      Love to you !
    • Whew.... what a relief that you too are experiencing a lot of the same symIptoms as I am, which means I am not on my way to insanity, lol. I have been seeing the forms of energy you mentioned here swirling up near the ceiling in my bedroom. I have a lightlight and when I look up sometimes it looks like swirls of mist...and all I can think of is Caspar the Ghost they way it looks. I blink and then it is gone sometimes...but sometimes I shut my eyes cause it spooks me...I chose to believe it is all part of ascention though....I also get glimpses of a flicker of light out of the corner of my eyes sometimes and it startles me....I have had to nap far more frequently, my bones just ache like a Mack truck backed over me, and I get this dizzy feeling like I have stepped out of my body for a second. I am glad others are getting some wierd body effects....There is comfort in that. Guess we are getting ready for our chrystaline bodies, and I can't wait....
      • Hi Marique !

        It´s nice to know there are others who are having these strange experiences. No, you are probably not on your way to insanity (and if you are, you´re not the only one...) but just developing into a butterfly.

        Thank you Marique !

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