Ships, Orbs, Signs and Geometry

Hi All,

For a while now, I've been photographing Orbs that appear in formations, such as pillars, triangles, squares and more complex patterns. Some of them are marking the placement of ships, others are moving about free form, then clustering into specific shapes that convey certain messages or guidance.

I wonder if others of you are having this experience, and would love to hear from you if you are.

I'll start the ball rolling with a couple of shots I took in February this year. You're all welcome to add your images and/or observations below.

Love and blessings.



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  • Thanks for the great post.  This comment isn't really about orbs; but maybe it is in a way? When I was growing up, and even now, if I am in darkness I see floating anomalous blobs floating in the air all around me.  I never did figure out what they are but they do not seem sinister to me at all...I lay there at night in the dark just watching them bob and weave in the air...It is like they are little gray/white bubbles just bobbing around, some big as a quarter and many of the about the size of the diameter of a pencil, all varying in size..I have not run into anyone who ever has had that experience of seeing them at you suppose they are orbs or spirits or something?  I would love to know more about why I see these things and wonder if anyone has had this experience.  I asked a lot of people over the years, even my physician, and nobody could come up with an answer to what they were, not even my eye specialist.  I thought maybe it was a defect with my eyes but he did not think so.  I am just so curious about this.  If I stopped seeing these "floaties" at night I would really miss them because they put on quite a show and I fall asleep laying there just watching them in total fascination.  They look like orbs that I see in these and other pictures, that is why I am asking about them, wondering if they are somehow related.  Some nights there seems to be hundreds floating in my room and sometimes they are more spread out and a lot less of them, but I have been seeing them all the way back to when I was an infant and remember laying in my crib just watching the "show".   I just assumed that everyone saw them, it was not till much later that I started asking about them and everyone said I was "weird."  Any suggestions anyone? 

  • Nice pictures.

    I have only orbs on the picture when I was pregnant and when I zoom in , it is a real smiley face!


    • In Betwena, that is beautiful, thanks for sharing. The green orb feels like a guardian, also the colour of new life and healing....what a blessing. :)

      I see orbs around my son, especially when he's playing the piano...

  • Here's one of the best multi-colored "clusters" I caught one night visiting family. Took several other pics that night and this was the only one like this. I was doing a lot of Orb photography at the time and was "looking for them" that night. : )

    Thank you Joanna for this thread... <3

    • Wow Tally! They are really beautiful. Love the colours, and the forms inside the orbs too, rings and circles. Collective consciousness groups perhaps? The bright central one has a very angelic feel.

      Thanks for sharing. :)

  • Marique, I have an 'orb page' under construction here: 

     Still adding to it, but you might enjoy the pics. :)

    • Nice :)

      • Thanks Sam. :)

    • Wow, awesome pictures...will check out the rest of the site tomorrow...looks like a great site.  

      • Thanks Marique. :))

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