First I want to say thanks to Ben. He has done a fantastic job by creating and maintaining such a great website for light workers to share our thoughts and information. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to share mine with so many beautiful souls here.

However, I knew something was going on here the first day I came and I would like to share my thoughts on this. The polarity I have seen here is staggering. I think Ben is too kind to kick anyone out. But the reality is either people get kicked out or they walk out. And sadly, it is often the ones with higher level of consciousness walking out. In my opinion, something has to be done to stop this. The followings are my reasons:

A spiritual website should maintain a certain level of vibration.  Source/God loves everyone but the universe has its laws. Not everyone are allowed to go to “heaven”:  A 3D consciousness must evolve to be able to go to the higher dimensions no matter how many life times are needed in this rigid, limited and unloving reality. This does not mean God is not forgiving and loving. But “heaven” must have its own frequency.

Abusive language is a form of violence and should never be allowed. It robs other people’s energy. One person’s freedom should not be at the expense of another. By accommodating the vibration you do not desire, you limit your own freedom of expression as a website. When the vibration goes down, it will attract more of the same level. If a website is set up for a purpose, it should have its own principles to ensure the purpose is fulfilled.

The game of polarity is becoming intense and no one can sit on the fence very soon.  As we are fast approaching the end of the cycle and heading to the New Age, the distinction between light and dark becomes clear and it will become more polarised. You can even see clearly now. As their vibration levels go up, people will become less and less tolerate with negativity. Yes, we all create our own realities. But here when we come together, it is a co-creation and we agree to create with others. If the frequency of the website does not keep up, high frequency people will still create their own realities but just without AC. And I think that would be a shame. This is a very good website and has a lot of people sharing their love and inspirations. Diversity doesn’t mean polarity and even polarity will not last very long. Either goes up or sinks down, it is inevitable. As a website serving to the light, the choice should be clear.

True love is to make the best choice for the souls, not the ego.  To tolerate a few who bring down the vibration of the website, it is not an expression of love to anyone. For people who seek spiritual growth, they cannot get uplifting from being here and their freedom of expression is limited. For those who attack and abuse, they are used as instruments by dark energies/entities and it cannot be good for their souls because they accumulate more karma. True love is the action for their highest good, even though on the personality level, they may not understand.

My suggestions

I can see three groups of people here. The first group are the people who are truly spiritual. They seek spiritual growth though the efforts of raising their vibration frequencies and gaining spiritual understanding.  They love and they share. The second group are those who call themselves spiritual but actually are just superstitious.  They seek outside saviours or events to get themselves out of the trouble of their own making. They blame and they moan. The third group are energy vampires and some of them are in second group too. They have very little spiritual understanding and enjoy attacking and abusing and thrive on robbing other people’s energies.

So the solution I can see is this:  seek the support of the first group, help the second and take action toward the third.  This is not toward certain individuals but rather to their behaviours.  They should be left with clear choice of either leave or behave.

These are my opinion and I know I have no right to tell other light workers how to do their work nor do I intend. But I do think it is my responsibility (and everyone’s) to share our thoughts so as a collective we can achieve the best result.  We all hope the best for this wonderful website and the beautiful souls, who gather here for a common mission and a place away from home but hopefully feels like home.

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  • let me say i love you...this site has made me cry...some just ain't gonna make it...i see negative here already replied to your sincere post..wrap yourself in love

    • Dear BarbaraLee, thank you and I do feel your love with my heart and I send you my love too.

      Yes, you are right. Some just are not going to make it and this makes me sad. I want nothing more than a circle of light where everyone can grow but many do not want to let go their duality games.

      But that is OK. There are still time for learnin and growing. We do our best and that is what matters.


      Love and Light to you, dear friend.

  • There is no such thing as 'heaven' and 'hell'. Punishments are doled out but they are a repentence. The fact that you think not everyone gets into your so called heaven means, to me, that you haven't grasped how this whole thing works.

    • By heavn, I mean the state of Oneness. I did no say duality is not part of God's expression and is equally loved. It was a topic of differenciation and nowhere did I suggest that God/Source does not love those in the state of seperation consicousness.

  • @LSk
    Dear Lori
    I am not confused." Not allowed", is clearly stated, with regard to hateful and abusive comments. No where do I state that people should be removed. I am talking about keeping the learning process open for all . . . Not just those who consider themselves more evolved. I have been a member here for over five years. . . In that time I have observed many members evolved as you and Ben, express feeling attacked and threatened by the "ones" who confidently hurl words like liar and fraud, when they just as easy could have said, "I think you
    may be mistaken". To the newly awakened or new to this site ,or just plain shy, this type of aggressive assaultive reply is what causes the separatism to which you have confused me with projecting.
    People who come to a spiritual Site, with guidelines, expect nothing more than to be treated with respect. Expecting the newly awaked to translate attack N2 loving behavior as you claim to do . . .seems to marginalize the feelings of the lowly neophite.
    Be the Love . . . But please don't expect the newly awakened to percieve as you . . . Distilling love from attack speech.
    or get labeled unevolved . . . Now, that sounds judgemental.
  • You are finished with the old, and even if it will take some time before you are able to fully digest the full content of this message, let us just conclude by saying that you have just started on a whole new road, and this time, you set the limits as just how far you want to travel down that road....
  • I totally agree with you, and I want to thank you for expressing this so clearly and straightforward. I have long felt as well that some people are here for other reasons than to seek wisdom and love. It can be hard from times to times to not be affected by their behaviour, and I would wish for nothing else that this site continues to offer support to those who may struggle finding their true selves. I am always willing to share what I know and help anyone who asks for help, because I do it out of joy not out of "duty".

    • some things are just plain wrong/bad evil intended..some is of true light/love willingness to be light&love..learn how to ascend..  most are sort of still stuck in ‘grey areas’ and it is not easy to not become confused or bewildered..which way should i go?  how do i improve my own & world of others situation?

      for a while the ‘ill’ intended were able to wound me, as i was ‘hit’ when i least expected..  it was i am not yet able to keep up.  guess among the ones here that are going through very difficult times..seemingly insurmountable..  for those it can be too unbearable and  give up feeling lost & confused.

      i am still here..there are many good, positive, ideas..suggestions.  as for the very few who for some unknown attacked..demeaned..i ignore..take w/grain of ’salt’..let them be.  i’m sure if people continue to be like that..others will notice..& they end up only hurting themselves.  

      to me this is what enlightenment..being of the Light..a ‘lightworker’ is about..why i am here.

      many sites offer ‘mastery’ training..higher consciousness et al..and one would need to pay money to access these ‘goodies’ if you cannot play~

      it is not so easy to figure i am trying to keep it simple..practical.  grateful AC exists.  have lots of friends on FB..& they are good people..probably think i am either ‘eccentric’ or a wishful thinker if i told them i am member here.

      it is really hard..difficult..confusing to assimilate all the diversity here.  however, just sticking to the ‘basics’ of true ascend to a higher vibration, while still on planet Earth..(3D?)’s worth it to come here, share..learn..offer my little piece of

      the puzzle..  being here is a ’no’ risk is free..and safe..  there is still much for us all to learn..  me..still in it for the long run.  wanting..hoping the movie will have a happy

      finale..and even happier sequel to boot~  so sure seems that on AC.

      here we have some refuge..a relatively safe the ‘outer’ world is now in worst turmoil in all my 77 yrs.  it ain’t perfect..yet it attains toward ‘improving’ and most have sincerely good intentions..I AM GRATEFUL..and learned quite a bit from Y’ALL~  

      p.s.  Moderation..Mediation..Meditation and FAITH TRUST IN TRUE LOVE AND LIGHT~

      from Joyana Suwati..your big and little sister~

      • Dear Joyana,

        Thanks for sharing your thought. Yes, definitely, people should be focusing on their goals of ascension through raising their vibrations instead of getting stuck in the dogmas.

        Here is a post about how I see the whole situation and hopefully people can use their energies wisely

        My respect for your long journey and wisdom

        Love and Bless :-)

    • Thanks dear Ogdoo, always resonate :-)

This reply was deleted.

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