Recognize the DRAMA

Hello, much energies have swirled around on AC since its luanch. People have experienced all kinds of exchange that was/is best for them in terms of growth and sharing. Simple Words like, UNDERSTANDING, FORGIVENESS & APPRECIATION is the corner stones of this website. Sometimes emotional DRAMAs enter this website, which is fantastic and which we learn and grow from, but what is the most important? The Drama or The message it Brings? One thing which is good to practice when entering a Drama is to take a moment for yourself, maybe a walk outside. There is no one to Blame, just to recognize. The DRAMA is kept alive due to Feeding it. The DRAMA stops when we change focus, thats why its so important for us ALL to hold the energy of LOVE in here, and i mean the Universal understanding that we are all from the same source, sharing an Expereince on planet earth. You came here by FREE will, totally unconditional just to be who you are. And thats what we share in here. This website is a Reflection of how a Enlightened society could be, a Microcosmos in macrocosmos. All people are EQUAL and deserve to know they are LOVED. Whats seen on the surface is not always what it seems, these are good things to remember, we only have our OWN heart to follow and when we do that, we automatically guide and create syncronicity. There is nothing to TO DO. I still practice this and learning everyday that there is nothing to DO or believe to be loved, just to recieve and love yourself as it is. Then miracles can work through you. With these simple words I thank All members, Hugs* over and out NAMASTE* Ben-Arion

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  • Bless you Dearest Ben-Arion.
  • Thank You for all of your Energy put into this matter. I will now close this thread.

    REMEMBER to share in humbleness without judgment. I believe in Syncronizity and im Always certain that
    everything will come together as its supposed to. We are all equal and we all have individual dramas within our life.

    All are welcome to share their energy if they can communicate in a humble and uplifting way.
    And if someone disagree you can just say, "I dont agree because..." and remember you are always
    Free to stop communicating, just by leaving the computer.

    Remember to choose your words wisely and tune into to your heart when logging in to ACC.

    We can express differences without judgement, without harse words, and we have FREE will to
    discover ACC and get to know each other BEYOND the BEYOND.

    The BEYOND cannot be grasped or understood, just relax into it and Enjoy the Short moment we share together on Earth.



    A picture of our Galaxy, the whole picture and when we change perspective can help us Relax and
    lighten up a little bit.
  • thanks for that Ben i appreciate the love behind the words, love Tony
  • Thank you Ben - as always sound and wonderful advice - it helps me to remember that we use only 3% of our DNA - that means 97% of us is switched OFF! Which means - if we were represented as 33 pistons (car analogy) only one of them is working - 32 are non-functioning. It makes you realize by and large none of us are fully functioning - we need to be very patient with one another!

    Best - JJ
  • Hi Ben, all what you're doing is a big duty. Follow this path. we will notice you waht is really useful for you. Your firends from Vega. With Ab-solute Love. Anuth
  • Thank you Ben-Arion,
    I have been learning this one very recently and appreciate the reminder.
    Have a wonderful evening
  • Comforting and loving words and healing energies inspired from source gives hope to humanET gives daily joy, and laughter, live is game that is won by following our unique heartcentered path in a collective love, light and power world for the greatest good of all.

    Play well brothers ad sisters, uncles,mums, daddy's, grandmoms,grandfathers and all of you...
  • Drama ...... sometimes a shake up for more than one person who is in the same environement. Drama .... shake up thru nature, or urban construction. There, like you mention, for the heart emissions of you, there is some shared field of resonance. And in that field you may see this synchronous ..... event. Drama ... is it enough to awake consciousness ... and may be the own & other persons conscience ..... and may be they each open up to it all .... to share.

    Maybe when drama enfolds and unfolds and contains some persons and you feel people then .... maybe this walk can be made inside. For Drama shared apart, with no consiousness and no forming of conscience, so no sharing, so no sharing the miracle ..... is what happens every now ... and then .....

    With this simple human complexity I like to serve they all. Greetings form the heart, Tzujan
  • I like silent drama...the one which pictures a hug between people, or people and animals. It is my focus, my meditation, my desire and interest. It involves nothing of advice, convincing, show of inferiority or superiority, none of the like. Only a picture of inclusive kindness, affection, concern. I hope we can all take this picture to heart. Ben, I hope we will all one day be on one of those space ships sharing that sort of image with one another. luv and lite...
    • Thanks for this Steve. It is a beautiful picture and sentiment. I like this post much better than your other one, which seemed to be a bit sarcastic and seemed like you were poking fun at another's expense..or maybe I took you wrong. Anyway, this is a nice message. Love is always a good message, the most important one...a picture says a thousand words.
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