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August 2

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music, health and healing, pets and animals in general

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Osho, Spiritualist teachings

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  • A great interpretation of Star Wars - Dual of Fates (John Williams) by the Orchestre Cinématographique de Paris :)

  • Divine Blessings and Love :)

  • Have a good time!
  • Have a nice time, dear friend!
  • Dear Steve,
    that's an honor to know you even if i'm not part of the family but I have so much respect and love for it . Thanks for sharing your France experience, i see that it had a big influence in your life and that's a wonderful thing.
    Yes Gabriel Faure is also on my favorite list, Saint Saens and Ravel too. All these classical composers were so precious to me and such wonderful contributors for my soul inspiration.

    Have a lovely weekend my friend :)
  • I am glad we are friends, and I love to laugh, and now I understand. And I did LAUGH, LOL., so I guess I was defensive needlessly. Loved my pictures you put on my page.

    Have a wonderful week.

    Love for all

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  • Hi Steve
    actually i sent you this video :

    but if you can't watch it, it's probably because you need to update your flash plugin.

    From Pranahome with Love

  • From Pranahome with Love
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Nov 2, 2020
Steve Filkins left a comment on Connect With Angels
"What unusual sounds of speech were made....never heard before.  Interesting and thanks for it.  I have bookmarked to hear more often."
Jun 12, 2017
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"Hey good looking, I hope we'll meet on a starship or in Hollow Earth. Wonder what I'll call you besides Ascension? Would be wonderful to meet face to face. Hope you have had a chance to see the movie Avatar. It is phenomenal! Had me on edge the…"
Jan 3, 2010
Steve Filkins left a comment for AtlantianTraveler
"Wow! what a name to choose..! I love it. Thanks for your comment and your having chosen me as friend. I hope we'll make this ascension together to 5D. You have a fantastic picture of yourself. I was telling another friend, it all depends on a…"
Jan 3, 2010

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