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Politically Incorrect; US Socialist Propaganda Media Presenting Gov. Christie As Fat Man-11/18/2013 issue of Time ragazine

A guy who is a business friendly politician could beat the next socialist(dem) for pres. but the loonie socialist dominated propaganda machine is already presenting him as fatty fatty 2x4.  Complete political incorrectness.

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They use whatever methods they can - kind of DESPERATE, aren't they?

no name calling/bullying we're all equal etc. except if you disagree or don't conform to socialist group think-then your the thing to destroy-completely non democratic-the rest of us build and sustain societies the socialists lie, cheat, steal

truth remains that he is a fat~ass and how can he represent health reform, gmo's and healthier lunches for kids at school looking like that..................for example

.......doesn't get any better analogy that this above....................typical polititian stealing lollipops from the sheep that still votes for him. The most obese president in the world representing the most obese country in the world~typical amerikan story. 

bama is a complete lying anti-American anti west member of a gang of left wing thieves and you and your ilk honor and almost worship him

eventhou 13cauac presents us with very logical observation of this fat ass politician, folks like Pet still spew their hatred at anyone not liking it...................

do you think he inhaled?  Health conscious my ass-I don't mean my ass literally

OK Folks.  The cover of that magazine doesn't say anything bad about him, and in fact says he is what's needed for the party.  How he can win them over.  The only thing that COULD be seen as a reference to his weight is "What THEY (his rivals) will use against him".  And I'm SURE YOU ALL REALIZE THAT THE ELEPHANT IS THE REPUBLICAN "SIGN".  As for being politically correct...  Most Dems AND non partisan folks I know LIKE him, or at least like hm more than any T- partier...  He wasn't presented as fat, he was just presented AS IS.

                    Those who believe they are politically correct think you can pick up a turd by the clean end. 

Dan:  What do you mean "the Republican 'sign'"?

He's referring to this:

But of course the future of the GOP looks more like this:



;-) May they rest in peace


Stick:  Pretty funny.

Notice that Chris Christie is a gun-grabber who refused to endorse the Virginia Republican governor candidate who WAS NOT a gun-grabber. Now we see why the media loves this fatso, and annoys stories like this:

Off-duty cop prevents mass shooting in San Antonio

By Stephen C. Webster

Monday, December 17, 2012 10:44 EST
Female cop (Shutterstock)

An off-duty sheriff’s deputy in San Antonio, Texas prevented a mass shooting at a movie theater on Sunday night, according to local reports.

Gunfire shattered the calm on Sunday night around 9:30 p.m. at the Mayan Palace Theatre,NBC affiliate WOAI-TV in San Antonio reported.

The alleged shooter was 19-year-old Jesus Manuel Garcia, who burst out of the nearby Chinese restaurant where he worked and begin firing at the theater next door. Police also told WOAI-TV that he fired at a patrol car as he was heading toward the theater.

Before Garcia could walk through the entrance, however, he was shot four times by an off-duty sheriff’s deputy working at the theater. The officer’s name was not released.

“The officer involved, she took the appropriate action to try to keep everyone safe in the movie theater,” a department spokesperson told reporters. “She did what she felt she had to do.”

Garcia remains in stable condition at a nearby hospital. He faces aggravated assault charges.



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