Online bickering and negativity

I was listening to a channeling and felt the intense urge to say something about this issue. We are LIGHTworkers, LIGHTbeings, LIGHTwariors. so why is there so much anger? I can understand making your point of view known and speaking about different opinions and beliefs, but not to where people are picking on eachother and sending hate mail. This is childish and insensitive behavior and I feel it needs to stop. we are here to set an EXAMPLE to this world of a BETTER WAY OF LIVING AND BEING, not to try and teach another way of fighting eachother. we were chosen to come here for a reason! so be those reasons! show the people of this planet and of the universe that we are doing what we came here to do, which is to assist the beings here to liberate themselves! I am a very tolerant person, but I can no longer tolerate such silly behavior.

Each and every being in the whole of creation has the ability to simple keep their mouth shut, or in this case stop typeing. All that I ask is that everyone stop and read what they are saying to people and immagine you are saying it to the person you love the most in this world, whether it be your mother, lover, best friend, or even yourself, just immagine someone saying this to you and HONESTLY how you would react. would it hurt YOUR feelings or that of your LOVED ONE? if so, then you probably shouldnt be saying it! there really is no need for such brutality and lack of respect towards anyone. We are here to teach Love! UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! which means the rapists, the murderers, the cabal, we are here to forgive and give love! plain and simple. we are all fully capable of making the right descisions, and I hope to see a difference in people's attitudes next time i log on. Anger is not the solution to anything.


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    • very good point. I dont know about anyone else, but Iv notice alot more crazy driving and eradic behavior. I notice in both others and myself a big difference in energies and alot of shifting going on. It got more noticable after the eclipse, so I am assuming it has to do with that. XD

  • I am glad that the E.T.s are as wise as they are. haha and very good reply! XD

  • yes, thank you Katara, and light

  • yes, thank you and light

  • Anger and Love as chemical reactions in the brain both have the same chemical trace. It is like light and dark, these things are illusions. Pain, Fear, Hate, Love, Kindness, Empathy : all illusions. I truly care for whatever illusion someone wishes to follow or to lead. Like magic it is but an illusion, even if the illusion feels more real than the truth. That is how it is.
    • very true indeed, but if it all is an illusion then where is the truth? haha XD what a mind teaser. lol

  • Thank you all for replying. I am very happy with the replies to this, as I was hoping to inspire others to speak their own minds and to perhaps invite a few angry people to look into themselves and find out why they are so angry and fearful. I am very grateful to be a apart of this community where everywhere you go you find people trying to help and support eachother. XD <3        Love and Light       -      Katara

  • A wonderful and wise reply that totally resonates with me. Thank you Nancy.  Let us get on with the forgiving.  And I totally agree with you too Light of Wisdom too and second Ben's AUM! And again my thank you to you Katara for starting this healing post.  I has given us the opportunity to reflect and to see what is really important.  It is not about being right or wrong, it is about loving and accepting each other.

  • We would all agree, if we just let each other talk it out.

    It is amazing how when a group of people go through an experience together, they all start letting go of the ego mind's amazing ability to keep up those walls of separation and thus subsequent fighting. They all realize their inherent humanity and similarity.

  • AUM* <3

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