Online bickering and negativity

I was listening to a channeling and felt the intense urge to say something about this issue. We are LIGHTworkers, LIGHTbeings, LIGHTwariors. so why is there so much anger? I can understand making your point of view known and speaking about different opinions and beliefs, but not to where people are picking on eachother and sending hate mail. This is childish and insensitive behavior and I feel it needs to stop. we are here to set an EXAMPLE to this world of a BETTER WAY OF LIVING AND BEING, not to try and teach another way of fighting eachother. we were chosen to come here for a reason! so be those reasons! show the people of this planet and of the universe that we are doing what we came here to do, which is to assist the beings here to liberate themselves! I am a very tolerant person, but I can no longer tolerate such silly behavior.

Each and every being in the whole of creation has the ability to simple keep their mouth shut, or in this case stop typeing. All that I ask is that everyone stop and read what they are saying to people and immagine you are saying it to the person you love the most in this world, whether it be your mother, lover, best friend, or even yourself, just immagine someone saying this to you and HONESTLY how you would react. would it hurt YOUR feelings or that of your LOVED ONE? if so, then you probably shouldnt be saying it! there really is no need for such brutality and lack of respect towards anyone. We are here to teach Love! UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! which means the rapists, the murderers, the cabal, we are here to forgive and give love! plain and simple. we are all fully capable of making the right descisions, and I hope to see a difference in people's attitudes next time i log on. Anger is not the solution to anything.


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  • Most everything we do in life is meaningless, but it is important that we do these things. The meaning is left unanswered, it is the questions and the quest for it that gives us meaning. We live on a spec and most everyone that lives in this spec will argue that there world is not a spec. We are all shadows for there is no light and dark, only shadow.
  • Dido!! With you on that.

  • So very true Katara, the less we tolerate the negativity the less we become influenced by it. That does not mean we just stand by and do nothing  but that we are wise in what battles we pick to fight and how much negative vibes we allow ourselves to take on from others anger. Personally when i see people on here or any website that is projecting their fear/anger out, i leave the page and find solace in more positive people and places. There is no good in letting someone goad us into stooping to their level. 

    Stay positive chickita :D i know i am.

    Love and HUGS.!!

  • A very good point and one that needs making. These are basic human habits that are not only not valid in an evolved planet but continue to cause horrible energy that Mother Earth has to host. Thank you for speaking out. x

  • It had to be said thank you Katara - Lets remain focused and not waste time on the negative things, I believe that if you have nothing nice to say - say nothing. We only joined ACC for encouragement, en-lightment and to learn and share new spiritual truths. Love and Light

  • I agree thank you my friend.

  • Thank you for this message, Katara. I was a victim of a ACC troll a couple of months ago; this person didn't know me but his attacks towards me were so hateful, it made me really wonder about the people on this site and if they are really lightworkers. I almost cancelled my ACC membership! It's good to know that folks here are aware of the problem and are speaking out about it...thanks again!

  • Beautifully said, Nancy!  Of course you are always so articulate and for that I am grateful.  Much love to you, My Sister!    Yvonne Epiphany

  • no problemo and thanks for replying. : )

  • The way things are going right now I wonder if it has to do with the transit coming up?

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