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January 26

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I am a healer and a teacher who works with both people and animals to help them spiritually evolve through understanding more about their true essence; the soul. I have worked for many years to expand my mental capacity to enable me to connect with many guides and helpers as well to retrieve my soul memories. I am now able to connect with other Universes and many guides as well as helping to connect other people with their soul energy more and retrieve their soul records so that I cam help them to embrace this aspect of themselves. Self empowerment is the key to my work and who I am. I believe that the human race is changing and needs to do so and this can only be done through people finding their soul and allowing this part of themselves to thrive.

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Most of my inspiration is from the guides that work with me as they are free from the illusions we hold on Earth and I know they are only working for the highest good.

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  • Thank you very much for your friendship, it is an honor, Andreana :)  Yes, I am very excited for our future to manifest and believe that our path lays in balance and acceptance of all races, species and beings of consciousness.  Wishing you a very happy sunny day, Kel :)


  • Thank you for being the voice of reason, Andreana, I'm not feeding the drama and yet its still happening (?!).  It is what it is, I feel that we have more important things to do as well. What we focus on will grow.

    Namaste :)

  • Hi Andreana! :) 

    Thank you for adding me. It is so nice to meet you dear sister of light. 

    I hope to be of some service to you however I can. 

    With Love and Light 


  • 8113921269?profile=originalThank you for your friendship.  I look forward to sharing here with you.  Welcome to Ashtar.


  • Glad to be your friend ..TIP: Use you discretion at all times ...in other words read all my posts ...ha ha ha joking..?

  • Hi Andreana, Welcome!

    Thanks for adding me!

    I'm usually on a few times a week,..I've been a member on and off for about 4 years. AC always calls me back no matter what's going on in my life.

    Sometimes the vibes are so high I have to take a break because I feel like I might explode or something lol.

    Looking forward to your input on this site.

    Thank you,


  • Hello Andreana! Thanks for adding me. I am new here too and think it's great.

  • Hi Andreana, It is with huge joy & delight that I'm now added as your friend. Thank You!!! Been with this site for about 6months & really feel a wonderful connection (on many different levels) with other beautiful souls here....I hope you find the same. Absolutely LOVE your profile info...it really resonates :D

    Sending rainbow hugs & my love & light O:-D

    from Scotland-shire all the way to England-shire

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Andreana replied to Katara's discussion Online bickering and negativity
"A very good point and one that needs making. These are basic human habits that are not only not valid in an evolved planet but continue to cause horrible energy that Mother Earth has to host. Thank you for speaking out. x"
Jun 7, 2012
Andreana replied to Andreana's discussion Ascension; Green Issues and Being Vegan
"Brilliant! Thanks for sharing. I have been looking more and more at raw food and I think this is my push that I need to make it 100% I also feel as a healer that it has a significant impact on my ability to heal others and the more great energy base…"
Feb 28, 2012
Andreana replied to Andreana's discussion Ascension; Green Issues and Being Vegan
"The plants have a different type of consciousness to that of animals and I think that is probably one of the main reasons why it is different eating plants to animals. They have a group and shared consciousness rather than a singular one. Eating…"
Feb 27, 2012
Andreana replied to Andreana's discussion Ascension; Green Issues and Being Vegan
"You sound like a voice of reason and honesty within the mixed messages of what people seem to think humanity should be doing. The evolved beings that I connect with all support the cause of animal respect and environmental concerns. We all agreed to…"
Feb 26, 2012

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