March 22

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I have always been told that I was spiritualy enlightend at a young age and that I have been here for along time and that I have walked different demention and different plains and that I was born an indigo. I have always felt an immence love for everybody and everything that everybody has an inner light and the love to spread.

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It's hard to say because I've always known to me I wasn't thaught this it came natrual. I know it sounds crazy but thats how I've always felt like there was no need to teach me.

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  • thank u for friending us we r still finding our way around the site i just stumbled into this page ha ha im not computer savy just a newbee

  • Hello. its nice to meet you and thanks for the friend request. haha also, thanks for the complement. XD

    Love and Light - Katara

  • Thanks for the invite, what a beautiful aura you have! : ) I look forward to more of your stories and discussions

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  • 8114040260?profile=original8114028073?profile=original8114136064?profile=original8114148100?profile=originalStay blessed Ohkwaho!

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Ohkwaho replied to Darth Vindex's discussion Nothing , something , ascension and consciousness
"I have noticed alot of things in small little things thats been happening to me and I am loving it it's hard for me to explain but I do know one thing I ain't looking back at anything and I have notice things are different some how I deffenitly feel…"
Dec 26, 2012
Ohkwaho replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion Gold Discovered In Massive Amounts On Mars
"Just gonna throw this in for the heck of it wasn't there something about ST Germains bank of funds? or somethimg like that what if this is it? oh the dam goverment is gonna pull a bank heist"
Dec 26, 2012
Ohkwaho replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion New Discoveries Found in Great Pyramid Shock Historians
"And what was the last thing left in pandoras box HOPE"
Nov 4, 2012
Ohkwaho left a comment for Aquarius
"Thank you so much for the friend request sorry hadnt gotten to it right away havent been browsing on the internet for awhile love and light"
Aug 27, 2012

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"Aye! Let's get rid of all the money-wasting Org's. on our payroll, it's about time we cleaned up our own mess that we have turned a blind eye to. Wasted too long, lets's get this for our people."
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"Yep, exactly!☺ When there was no nail anymore, what was the purpose of continuing to carry a very heavy hammer in the side pockets?

It is a shame that, thanks to NATO, Europe could not prevent the current mess in Ukraine. History will judge Europe…"
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"Nato is an org of stuffed suits-they get paid to do almost nothing. And -what a surprise-it;s 80% funded by US taxpayers-as is the UN-so much insanity-its time to shift to an alternate world permanently"
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"NATO is well passed it's sell by date and festering in the kitchen, making for a terrible stink...
I think that Finland and Sweden should not join this "HMS Titanic" style of collective debacle....

I would prefer the UK to leave NATO and forge new…"
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"This Turkey vs Greece standoff is funny. Now NATO's purpose is supposed to be 'to let the members fight together if one of them is attacked'. How about if one of the NATO member attacks another NATO member? This seems to be a question that these…"
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"Faceless judges of the loathsome ECHR, may have temporarily blocked the decision of a sovereign nation, namely the UK, to deport illegal migrant boat people, (boating from France to England,) to Rwanda, by air.... BUT, the Home Secretary has a…"
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