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It is actually a step forward, as much as I do not like to say it. For this site is in fact here for multiple thoughts, beings, beliefs, knowledge etc.

Just try to realize though, if you are here to dismiss or bash the Ashtar Command, well that will do very little other than cause negative feelings here, however overall part of the reasons for most being on this Earth contains this, so it helps as well.

I would really encourage you all to be more respectful as well as loving towards others, if love isn't your thing, again, just try and be respectful at least. :)

What are the thoughts on this from everyone? The site now has over 5,000 members, and not everyone will feel or think the same, however there should be a good reason for joining this beautiful and harmonious community, just my opinion, but if you don't like it in the first place, don't think you are still required to join, but really, there is no right or wrong.

I don't want to be setting out rules but just want things cleared up, and making sure you don't get too surprised at the doubtful posts and such. This is for everyone.

Thank you all so much ~*

Love, light, joy and peace to you ~* x

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I resonate with this Leo, & thats my point,take from this site what resonates as truth for you & have the grace to respect others of their truths.Peace to All
You are right,We suppose help each other,not discriminate.
Love and light.
I love you all so very much.



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