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It's time to start separating beliefs from truth. I see basically everyone spout out something like they know it's the truth, when it's only a belief at best. And I've been there too, I've made that mistake. Where I would think my beliefs are true, because they make sense to me. But as we grow further in integrity, we come to realize that, they were simply beliefs. Unless we truly know something, or present something that is clearly demonstratable, they exist as a belief, an opinion, an idea.

And I've seen in my life, and on this site, and according to my research into history...that conflicting belief systems are source of alot of conflict that doesn't need to happen. Like on this site even, people get trashed, and insulted, and made to feel low, because they simply hold a different belief system than someone else. And egos like to think their beliefs are true. And anyone who doesn't share that belief, in some way, must be wrong.

I think to stay in true integrity, we need to acknowledge to ourselves...that our beliefs are just beliefs, prone to changes, prone to mistakes. And most of our beliefs are gleaned from second hand information at best. The only thing we TRULY know, is what we discover and come to understand within us, what we can clearly demonstrate is real and true, and what we experience and observe. Everything else, exists as a belief system, that may not be true.

And in order to stay true, and stay real, and stay in integrity...we need to acknowledge that. If we don't truly KNOW something....we need to acknowledge that this is just my opinion...and other people have a right to have a different opinion. It's okay to have beliefs, and opinions...most things are a belief system. I have many things that I believe based on years of research. Do I know what I believe is true, no. My beliefs are my beliefs. My knowing is knowing. And there's a difference and we need to be able to distinguish the difference. I think that would end alot of conflict, not just on this site, but in the world....and it would allow people to have true freedom of speech and expression, without other people jumping on them saying they're wrong.

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Well I feel like I know Michael Jackson, I've always felt close to him, and I tell you what....he was much more mature than most so called adults. But, he was also very child like. I think he had a great balance of childhood and adulthood. I think we all should strive for that. As for the having kids sleep over, I don't even want to get into that lol Suffice to say...many so called adults just don't understand love.

He had the money to be able to be both as well, and sure it is nice to have a balance of both, when we want to understand how to help some of the children that are out there

I'm not going to say that the media didn't blow things out of portion when it came to him, but also at the same time, I understand why some adults would be weary of a grown man having sleep overs with children like that 

Bless the Nite


Yes I agree with your post. Ascension for example is a belief of mine - but I can't be sure of it yet.

But the presence of ETs is way more than only a belief of mine, since I found so much indices for it that I'm really sure about it.

Well me too I've seen the craft in the skies, so I know there's ETs here, and there's enough clearly demonstratable evidence to be able to say, with conviction, that ETs are here. What their purpose is, we don't really know for sure until we meet them. I have my beliefs, and I can be even fairly certain in those beliefs, but they're not knowing..they're beliefs. Once I meet them, then I can take the jump and state a conclusion as truth.

deepest post i have seen you write my precious brother ;) sounds like you are evolving! keep on growing, you will see a new light, one that reflects a new reality, a new reality where you can fly with your ''win''gs. 



Well I don't think this is the deepest post I've written on here, I've written much deeper posts than this, in my opinion. But...I appreciate the sentiment :) Thanks brother!

Thanks for posting this John....from my perspective truth and our beliefs are undefinable, our illusion of reality in the 3rd dimension exists as a refection of ourselves and our accepted truths, experiences and belief systems compiled from all of our past life experiences, as well as the myriad of other alternate realitys where every possible truth experience and belief has been played out at the same time as this reality. What exists as truth to one person wont always be accepted as truth to the next person, no matter how you try and prove it to them demonstrate it or define it for them.....You can say that grass is green and prove that it has green pigment with science, but someone else might not see it as green, or someone might see it as many possible colours, and eventually we might realize even the clour green was just an assuption from our limited viewpoint and spectrum of vision.....and these people may have scientific proof that grass isnt green in some way, because in their reality thats what they have accepted as truth. What people accept as truth in this reality helps shape thier beliefs so i dont feel seperating the two would make any difference. Truth and beliefs are an ever changing thing, based on our unique experiences in our some point we all accept every possible truth and belief system as we experience them in the mutltiple realitys and multiple universes, where the multiple versions of self play out every possible outcome or path for our highest learning and gaining of wisdom and perspectives no matter which path we choose in this 3d life....Many accepted truths are proved wrong everyday...and todays truth is easily tomorrows lie or deception...The main thing is to realize that we are all a projection of the sum of our accepted truths, accepted beliefs and our life experiences....and if we love forgive and accept ourselves and realize that we all have a unique perspective which cant be defined as right or wrong good or bad true or simply just is..A reflection of our true selves and our experiences....Then we can all share and learn from our unique perspectives of reality as a working collective, while at the same time we will accelerate our spiritual growth as a whole.....The conflict and seperation only comes from the ego....the desire to be right about something and somoenes need to in truth about their beliefs is usually fabricated within their own reality as a support system for their need to be right and to prove to themselves that what they believe is will only really be true from their unique perspective....and others may see something similar from their perspective and adopt it as truth, but it cant be defined as exactly the same truth for any other individual...we all need to accept the beliefs that resonate with our souls and live in a way that we feel is being true to matter how you try and demonstrate truth in your reality...there will always be someone who will come along with a different perspective that can prove otherwise....truth is something that is ever changing... you can spend lifetimes searching for it and trying to nail it down....but its always going to be something different.... Its a refection of the truth seekers self...We simply have to accept that our unique truths...our unique beliefs...our unique perspectives and paths are what makes up the whole of our existence and every unique part is there to learn from and enrich our consciousness as a whole.....and of course these are just my unique thoughts from my perspective and i am not presenting them as true or false, right or wrong, believable or not...i am just sharing my unique view on the subject you all have your own perspectives and discretion...right and wrong are just words....true and false are just words....being true to ones self is a conscious action and brings forth our beliefs and shapes them as we live our lives...Lots of love, peace and acceptance to all of you unique and beautiful souls out there X

Well I believe there's ultimately one truth. Everyone may have their own truth, that may not necessarily be the real truth though. Everyone has their own unique perception of the one truth, ultimately though, I think there is only one truth.

I've read in channelings that, apparently, more than one truth can exist at the same time. I still don't understand how that's even possible. I still don't understand how two completely different perceptions of one thing, can both be true. Like, some people believe Shakespeare was Francis Bacon. Others don't believe that. How can they both be true....either he was or he wasn't lol Things like that do lend themselves to black and white. Some people talk about parallel realities and all of that, and it may be true, but I'm not ready to go there yet.

And these are all interesting philosophical tidbits, and it's good for debate and discussion, but I still think our's hard to know the real truth. We have to have beliefs about some things. And we can very well have our own truth. I still don't think, though...that just because we believe something as truth, that doesn't actually makes it the truth. It may be truth for us, that doesn't make it universal truth. I think religions are a great example of that.

Anyways, thanks for commenting Andy :)

for a truth to be universal it needs to be accepted universally and i am pretty sure thats never happened here. the closest thing to a universal truth is the fact that we are all connected and comprised of the same thing, but even this concept is far from being accepted universally.

thanks for replying rohn ;)

Usually what happens is I find out about some interesting thing that resonates with me. It sticks out, and it makes sense.

At that point its a suspicion. It not even a Belief.


In my ever accelerating desire for Truth I am compelled to Test these suspicions, and I do that with a combination of Investigating them (by doing research) and by using Intuition to determine the Actual Truth of them.


However... Intuition is a trump. If my inner senses tell me its True... that's that. It doesn't matter what anyone else says - at that point its Knowledge.

Even if the information is contradictory - information can be disinformation. I really don't see why so many people rely specifically on information, like there's some kind of proof you can get that cant be made up or built on lies. Considering the Cabal and other forms of darkness on this planet, that's actually pretty common.


Then just to make sure - I use other connections at my disposal, like my direct connection with God, and sometimes I also put what ive discovered to the test and start trying to do things with what ive learned.

I mean its something I already knew, but at that point my confidence in it is rienforced permanently.


These indirect, often non-physical methods of discovery are Just As Viable to me as old fashioned research because I have highly attuned senses and God tells me the truth.


So really I go straight from suspecting that something might be true straight to Knowledge.

I am uneasy with simply having a Belief that something might be true... because Beliefs are unfounded. I don't want to invest any energy in beliefs because they could come apart at a moment's notice.

So I found ways to discover whether something I believe Actually IS true or not, especially for things that cannot necessarily be proven at all because of logistics or just the way things are.

That's probably the most valuable aspect to using your Inner Senses to discover truth. Because you don't need proof - you just Know.

Proof can be destroyed, lost, mutilated. But the Universe remembers everything, the way it actually is.


And for those few things that I cannot get a straight answer on from God or my own Inner guidance... believe me... I periodically make attempts to crack open that shell anyway. Im not comfortable having to just take it on faith without an answer one way or another (though that is something I can Do).

Considering that there are not many things in my life that only fit into the Belief category. . . that is the reason why I call it Knowledge.

And in the past there have only been a few rare examples where something I fully believed to be Knowledge (as a result of this process) turned out to be complete deception or functionally incorrect.

The reason that some proof can be destroyed is because there are some who are set out to destroy things like the truth, and proof of something that needs to be put to an end 

Bless the Nite


Well I think intuitive knowing, and true knowing, are different. True knowing is something you know, you understand, you realize, and it becomes so realized and understood, that you know it. From the bottom up, inside and out. Intuitive knowing, is like a's like a fleeting glimpse of truth, a sense of real. It's not really real knowing though.

Like many people I talk to, like Mormons, they'll say....well my intuition tells me the Book of Mormon is true, and this is the way, the light, all other faiths are lesser lights. I mean that's what they say lol And I ask them, well why does my intuition say something completely different. And they'll say, well you're not well enough connected to your intuition. And I say the same to them lol So it's a no win situation, we can't convince each other our intuition is wrong.

I understand though, that much of life is a faith game. There's really very few things that we have true knowledge of. Knowledge as in knowing. Information based belief systems and intuitive senses are good, but they're not true knowing. Much of life really is uncertain.  But, in order to have any sense of have to play the faith game and believe something as truth. Ultimately, one day...we'll find out the real truth for sure.




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