It Is Very Easy/ I Used To Be Lazy

It is very easy to accept everything that we are told. To take what has been taught to us so that we are well trained and behave in accordance to all that goes on with the government powers and the like.

It is very easy to just say we are here to live, multiply and die.
It is very easy to make something as easily (gained/ lost) as money be a driving force.
It is very easy to agree with the majority of society who believe that this is it.
It is very easy to limit oneself to the third dimension.
It is very easy to attack, hate, give into fear, want... which is just another guise of fear.
That is all easy. Easy things for the unawakened, the ego.
Easy for those who are still forgetful of what they are.

It is a Fact, undeniable at that; that all is energy. All energy came from a source, and regardless of what the source is, (the defining of source makes it that much more inaccurate) means that all in existence is one. A blip in the mind of god, a big bang of potential energy turned kinetic etc etc
Energy cannot be created or destroyed, It is a fact.
When there is no beginning or end, there is only that which is infinite.

It is easy to go about your day giving yourself less potential and credit than you deserve.

But why take the easy way out? The easy way out determines that you will die, and therefore you have sealed it so. Your truth is that you will end. And therefore, your indestructible energy, your spirit if you will, has no reason to remember this experience. So why should it? he energy wants to be returned to source. Harboring the negativity and denial of an awakened perspective of truth gives that energy no incentive to remember what it has gone through and experienced in its last vessel.

Those trapped in ego, refusing to awaken they in the pit of their existence know this, and therefore feel the need to diminish the consciousness of those who are not afraid to wake from a manufactured dream scape.

Everything is a decision.
Only you decide to experience the universe, for the sake of the universe as is your role as the universe.
Experience and create. What a beautiful lifestyle that is. Create for the sake of creation and you are creating out of love for love.
Take YOU out of the equation to see there is still an equation though it is incomplete. Being part of it makes it whole.
You are the equation. Both sides, All sides, all forms.
You decide just how whole you wish to be.
You can be 1/4, 1/50, 1/All
The ego want's you and everything else to just be one.
This is scientifically flawed.

Dear Ones,
I have no clue as to how I once took the easy path. The easy path leads to a more easy path with little irrelevant instances that attempt to befuddle one from thinking they are following a simple pre made path, that has been walked by so many.

Once you awaken, The hardest decision you can make is to choose the easy path.

Much Excitement and Vigor and Love


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  • Just noticed i wrote feathery instead of Feather... that was weird haha don't know why i did that.

    I agree with you 100%, and was trying to convey just that of the harder path seeming easier.

    In the grand picture, those on the ego path, the spoon fed and "easy - not easy" path will have to redo the experience.

    • Whoever said the ego path was the spoon fed path?

      • I believe it was Enrique Eglasias.

        • Haha, I laughed. I did. (not being sarcastic)


          But saying you are "not in ego"... isn't that technically your ego talking?

          • No, I mean saying "I'm so less ego than that guy..." Is totally ego. It's not about measuring your level of ego to another person group etc etc. It's recognizing that when you are aware, the YOU isn't really you.
            Letting go of ego is recognizing you are infinitely one with all.
            It's recognizing you are not limited to your body, and to your one experience of the universe.

            "I Am"
            Is what expresses as closely as I can think of, what it means to put into words what a lack of ego can convey...

            then again im making this judgement through my ego.
            Judgement in itself is an egoic act.

            Golly, it's a giant Maze if crazy... But what a beautiful pattern it makes.

            • All of the Ego usage makes me want waffles

              • Add some blueberries :). They're full of antioxidants.

        • It wasn't him, that was a joke.

          The path of the ego, is the path of "Me"
          It is the path that lives off of fear and want.
          Me fears and me wants that or this.

          The Egos on top, government, media etc etc know this and spoon feed a fabricated and manufactured product exactly their liking world for those in ego to accept as the only reality.

          Those in ego question not the powers that be and take what they are told to believe. Giving themselves such little credit and ability as a being made of energy.
          Those in ego willingly attack those who are awake... Because they fear and want to be righ, better, bigger, smarter... instead of recognizing they are the person they are attacking in a different perspective.
          Otherwise if they are wrong they have to make the first hard decision

          Awaken and witness true Ease and peaceful living
          Remain asleep, thinking their way is the only way, because that's what they have been told

          It is very limiting to reside in the ego world.
          It is very controlled to reside in the ego world.

          It Is Known

          • Just wanted to add a little bit to this Zac.

            The ego path you have observed, ie "the path that is not", also leads to graduation or ascension, but in service to self polarity, ie negative polarity.

            Whereas among the awake, there can be much service to self polarization, most begin to polarize service to others (ie the positive or loving polarity). Those are probably the best terms to use when dealing with these 2 paths of soul evolution. They come from the Law of One material. In other words, within this reality the path of the ego is the path that sets one up towards Service to Self in the next two realities above this one.

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