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i've been noticing i haven't been eating  and i have been reading about these sadhus who eat just 1 meal a day. i remember in my past i went without eating for 3 days and i just drank water and i was fine and i actually felt really good but extremely tired probably cuse i wasn't sleeping haha. so is it safe to eat 1 meal a day?

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Yes, it's perfectly safe. I eat only once a day and have for a very long time. I also fast twice a month for 4 days, 8 days total. I would NOT recommend you eat a bigMac or a pizza as your one meal however. I'm vegan, but as long as you eat a well- balanced meal you should be fine. 

...depends on what you're occupied with, for the whole day... i often eat 1 time per day... but if u sit all day in front of a pc, doing nothing to burn calories, u dont need more... if u do work that burns lots of energy.. u will need more i guess..

you can still eat once a day, look into the warrior diet. ( I do not follow this diet myself, I am aware of it)  I ride a bike or walk everywhere i go, although granted Im not running any marathons. :)

okay thnx guys and i loled at the big mac haha i desire to be a vegan and ironically i just ate some veggie soup. and vagelis i actually do kinda sit all day in front of my computer lol so i guess i don't need to eat much. and ill look into the warrior diet sounds exiting!! 

I agree I ,have eaten only one meal a day for years, and have found that after a long period of time ,if I eat more then that I gain weight,

There is one  thing I've noticed in those who eat meat,they may have a little trouble as when you do fast it brings out the posions and toxins ,which can create the hungry feeling and some get sick to their stomach, if they go without food.

I have gone for days forgetting about eating and my daughter will ask ,when was the last time you ate? I have to think and it is usually a couple of days,I do not get hungry ,just tired.

If you eat meat you may have to go through an adjustment period or snack a little at first.A piece of fruit or the like should do the trick.Your body will adjust and you will find you do not need so much bulk.

When the subconscious has to process food and air all the time it keeps us from reaching deeper levels of meditation, if we free the unconscious mind we can reach deeper levels of mind and spirit.This is one of the reasons we are told to deep breathe and the lack of food also helps.As time goes on you will find that you will pull the energy of God from thin air.

Love Ya Bob

of course if you get enough nutrition, minerals and vitamins in raw , uncooked veggies and fruit,'couse the rest of food available out~there is deprived of these and becomes very dengerous to our bodies.

Don't know about safe but if your body only wants to eat one meal a day, then do what your body tells you to do. I've had big big problems with eating for the past 2-3 years. I literally forget to eat, and when I would eat I would vomit it back up as soon as it touched my stomach due to mental health issues. Sometimes it would be 5 or 6 days without eating and it wasn't until I passed out that I would realise I hadn't eaten. I now have to force myself to eat one meal a day, generally by tricking myself into eating and making inspiring and very good fresh food. Himalayan salt tonic is great for days where eating just isn't going to happen (pinch of himalayan salt, half a fresh lemon juiced, pinch baking soda). Do be aware of your salt intake though. Sometimes I will spend all weekend eating, sometimes not at all. Go with what your body wants to do - literally follow your gut about it.

 i think it depends on the person, if u feel healthy and refresh on just 1 meal a day, do it!! it cant be unhealthy for you!

alot of the spiritual masters didnt eat much either; & they fasted; to cleanse their bodies....!! ;)

i like eating small meals spread across the day personally as that works for me;) i dont like to each way too much as my body doesnt need much food.

goodluck!! <3

Every one's body is different. If you feel good with only eating one meal a day, then what's the harm? But if you feel tired, your diet might be lacking somewhere.

I know for some people, only eating one meal a day causes them to gain weight, because their body goes into starvation mode so it clings onto that one meal as if it's the last meal, per say. And it slows down the metabolism too, at least that's what scientists and people who research this type of thing say.

I have been eating one meal, sometimes two for many years - no problem.  If you feel that you only need one meal then go for it - We will feed only on light in the 5D.

i would say yea its ok to only have one meal a day i only eat one meal a day and have for awile now sometimes ill have more but not really

I went through a pretty tough period, the first half of last year, where I had throat problems and it was very uncomfortable to swallow, so I didn't eat anything. Like literally nothing. I'd eat like half a sandwich a day, or a very small plate of food, and a few tiny cups of water. I must've lost like 30 pounds, and went from being in pretty good shape, to being very skinny, almost sickly. I eventually got used to eating basically nothing, but I did feel a lack of energy and I felt weak most of the time. Eventually I decided to just eat, and tough out the discomfort. And I still have that problem, but it's not anywhere near as bad as it was when it started.

So no, I don't think it's healthy to eat only 1 meal a day, at least not a small meal. 1 large meal a day is alright. I mean look at Michael Jackson, towards the end of his life, he would eat 1 small meal a day, and look how thin he was, he was too thin. There's a reason these sadhus are usually sickly looking also, we have to take care of our bodies, it's a responsibility. I think that's where alot of Eastern traditions are backwards, they almost completely ignore the physical, but I think true spirituality is having the physical and spiritual balanced, and making your physical life as best as you can make it. I don't work out anymore, or exercise much...because that takes away your thinking and feeling clarity to a big extent, but eating properly and giving your body the nutrients it needs, is important.



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