how much water should we drink?

I used to think that we should drink water only when we are thirsty. However, I now regard this to be on the same par with taking a bath only when the body begines to be itchy. (It might take a couple of weeks depending on your sensitivity)There is a reason why various things in your body are partly voluntary partly involuntary. The former is so that you may do the necesary because you UNDERSTAND the body needs. The latter is so that the autopilot may kick you out of the stearing wheel when you became too busy and/too stupid.Such seemingly small things add joy, ecstacy and COMFORT to your life. Before the autopilot figure out that it is merely going to the toilet that is the entire problem, your body has had sometimes working in unrelaxed conditions. Much worst is if the circulatory system is straining to balance concentrations. Thirst comes about when perharps two days from now, you will die of shortage of water!! Given that water is over 70% of our world, it is ridiculus that we tend to starve ourselves this sabstance! Another substance is OXYGEN. Hallo, breath deep not because something is urging you so but because you UNDERSTAND that the body needs oxygen. letting the shortage of oxygen to ALWAYS control your breath does not bring maximum comfort.A certain lady recently came telling me you know what? Water is medicine! She told me that she cures many ailments by merely drinking lots of water. Because I have heard it said so HERE, I drunk 5 littres of water each of two consecutive days. Voila! The next day I was wondering if it was beer, or something more mysterious that I drunk! I was feeling high, well being, energetic, 'fires of kundalini', clairvoyance, great joy etc! If could feel turgidity in eyes and various parts of the body. The machine that men like using was very hard and turgid!:) I now wonder if, when we take medicine with water, if perharps it is the water itself that cures and the medicine that is idle!:)

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  • Feather Winger:  I'm curious, what do you say to your water?

  • Plastic bottles release a bad element to water. But you have to drink water according to weight the heavier you are the more you need and waters from soups contain salt which makes you retain water in things with caffeine cause you to expelled more hence making you need more. Yes listening to your body is good but you can drink one glass and your no longer thirsty and not get enough either. Alot of factors to take in consideration
  • The water did cure lots of things before, however Drinking lots of water from the bottle will not ‘detox’ anything, all the elements were removed that water should have, like 90 stable chemical elements contained in the Earth’s crust are found in natural waters (nitrogen, phosphorus, silicon, (silver, gold in the rivers), magnesium, calcium, ions, hydrogen and etc).

    I still follow my body, I drink when I am thirsty or as much as I need at that moment, too much water consumption dissolves and removes important ‘elements’, like salt, sodium, calcium, also deplete your potassium (with a results of leg pain, and irritability), electrolyte imbalance (affection the brain functions), also kidney damage. In general women consume more water than man based on higher body fat and hence lower body water % …

    So the best way to determine the amount of water you need is to listen to your body and pay attention to your thirst and avoid forcing yourself to drink more than necessary. Plus your body may not require too much water in case you are consuming a good amount of soups, broths, and foods with high water content.

  • Wow wow a post we all agree on. I don't think that's ever happened since I joined acc woohoo. Remember we are of mother earth therefore the things if earth are best from us. Also we can't use I get my fill of water in my coffee nope caffeineis a diuretic which means you will pee it all out. Pure natural water has all you need. Im lucky enough to have natural spring to drink from.
  • My naturopath wants me to drink a gallon a day.,,,
  • First off, I only drink water, besides tea and orange juice.

    Clear water is an excellent medium for light as information. It aids in cleansing negative blockades within your Light body, preventing ailments from echoing on your physical body as a direct result.

    There're days in which I just drink water. No food at all. Being close to oneness within Nature. Cosmic light feeds your soul and body. Emotionally and physically.

    You feel great, never get tired, smiling all the time, no matter your current situation. People notice this on you, they smile back, you're in a constant emission of light waves for them. Seeing people being happy is a joy!

    From Cosmos into Mother Earth. Raising frequency of perception into awakening.

  • I drink water least ten 12 oz glasses a day.  I started this practice when I moved to Florida to deal with the intense heat and sweat loss because I love being outside, even in the heat.  I have an icemaker on the fridge door and I LOVE ice water since someone told me it helps a person to loose now I am one continuous glass of ice water that never gets allowed to be empty...I am healthier than I have ever been, and I believe it helped me a lot to kick my RA which has been in permanent (so far) remission, and to kick my diabetes which I have through exercise and drinking tons of water and taking herbal help.  WATER is the nectar of gods in my estimation....

    • Marique:They say drinking 10 glasses of water a day makes you look 10 years younger - do you find that to be true?  (Nonetheless, I think you look GREAT!)

  • As a nurse I can tell you if your body becomes dehydrated it causes headaches premature aging organ failure and so on cause you to gain weight cause you feel hungrier. A rule of thumb drink half your body weight in ounces of water daily. If you weigh 200 drink 100 oz as example
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