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This is a very common image of Lord Ashtar, this is not my image.

I personally wrote this article, and own the copyright to it, and all rights to distribute it, the only part of this article that is not mine is the image, and is a very common image found on the web-With Love, El-Ano-Ra (Ahsaka Nusa/JediGuardian!)

Ground crew initiative-1/17/2012 (adjust date according to sector)

Dearest friends, and companions, it has been a long journey hence forth, and I have stood by for as long as I am able, and passed the Torch to those beings of the Ascended Higher Realms, so that all may come to know the Higher Light of God, we are in transition, not only in the earthly realms, but in the Higher Ascended realms of our Universe, and it is not a battle, but a constant emergence of Love, that flows through vibrational energy.

I am Lord Ashtar Sheran, and I am the discourse of the energies  of the blue ray upon Earth, the Light of the Solar Sun, that filters into the blue cosmic energetic Love, that brings peace to our Souls.

We have passed the Tourch to those of the Higher Beings that align around your planet earth, they go by many names, but they are a Galactic Collective, some have separated the beings into various descriptions, it is, suffice it to say, no more a series of divisions, divisions have been used in the past so that the human consciousness could understand the energy resonance that was taking place within their newly awakened sphere, this is no longer the case.

Now, all the Galactic Federations of Light have merged, in the collective human consciousness, to become One Galactic Federation of Light, and you, my dear Ground Crew members, whom I love with a force that only you can know deeply in your Heart Space, are now in alignment with that One Galactic Light, that comes from the Eternal Creator of the Universe, and Beyond.


Welcome as members of the Council, welcome as members of the Fleet, one as a Collective Group, one with the Galactic Federation of Light. We are here, and we are present.

The Torch I pass is not a Torch to say that I am not present, as I am always present in those who need me, and I will always carry the Torch of the Blue Ray, as my beloved brothers and sisters in consciousness do so thus, but it is now the Time of the One Consciousness, and you are separate from the Galactic Fleet no more.

I welcome you into pure contact, and know that there is only more that awaits you from behind the veil, that has been lifted, and is being lifted, before your eyes.

I love you my beloved friends, in Infinite light,

Lord Ashtar

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Wonderful! Thanks! Love, Peace and Consciousness

Source ?

i bear witness  to what lord ashtar  said  during  meditation  in the bath  yesterday ,  i felt  a connection  much

stronger than usual    the feeling was of  a much more powerful connection , my higher  self seemed to merge withmy home planet  antaries fleet, and the   force which  got stronger when  i meditated  in the early hours of today

i feel this  force  ten hours later  just as strong   halleluia halleluia


 Many, many thanks Ahsaka Nusa for this post of Lord Ashtar Sheran for He acknowledges

 as I have been saying and feeling for a number of years that we are in Transition and those above are

 also Transitioning moving on that we may Transit. It is advancing in Consciousness all the way

 up the Cosmic Galactic Tree or to the Top of the Penthouse in a Galactic Lighthouse wich has many

 many levels assiged to different functions of All That Is's Multidimensional Beingness.

 Many years ago I was told that I would hear a word here and there and be able to connect and share

 the dots. This is the second time Lord Ashtar has supported  the thoughts given to me.

 I say this as a fact not from an ego point of view but that of a child saying look at this.

 The excitement gets one in. I just love to share it and put it out there.

 Ahsaka Nusa may a trillion Rainbow Heart Bubbles cascade from from your heart blessing

 and healing all you come in touch with leaving your very own special perfume 24/7. Love you my Sister.

 Blessings Peace Light Love Balance and Harmony Kingjeff

the blue-ray are the beacons of light,just like this lighthouse,top post,blessings eve.

Thank you Ashtar, and to all the wonderful crew upon the The Galactic Federation Of Light, dimensional light beings and all us on earth working as hard as we can bring love peace and joy.  I can not wait to untie with you all in person for all the old souls I've known from the past and to all the new ones i have yet to meet. 

I took a trip into town today to meet up with some people who were a little lost and at lose ends to help give them a little guidance, and i notice the calm and peace.... and saw ones who are just on stand by. peacefully waiting around sending out loving though's. I've also notice many people being directed to me in need of help. and that love is finally getting thru to many. still have ones who aren't open yet but i've ensure them its all going to be okay and that i and many others are here to support them. 


Thanks Ahsaka! Joy and Love to you!



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