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  • The honor is mine, thank you.  You must have been here last time I was here, I thought the name familiar.  Strangely as many of my friends are in Australia as America that are in touch.  Your story of bi-location is so interesting.It is possible for all when they reach that spiritual level.  I have done that, also. All the gifts work together.  Her observing you was her telepathy and remote viewing working together.  The time will come all of us will dwell on that level and then there will be heart understanding between us all and wars will cease and truly we will "beat our swords into plowshares" which means to turn our harsh words and thoughts into loving understanding and kindness that will create true spiritual growth.  It's such a shame people only look at the Bible literally when there's such a welth of spiritual teachings.  Thank you once more for honoring me with your friendship.

    Origine dei Modi di Dire
    INTERESTING .IT: Alcune curiosità dal mondo, record interessanti e allo stesso tempo bizzarri e l'origine di alcuni modi di dire.
  • Thank you for your friendship and for responding...I hope that rains can come down on all places of Australia where is needed...I am not sure they are natural...Although they could be...But we also have been having so many fires in California in the last few months...And I am aware that most of it is unnatural...Deep state is really angry that they are loosing the battle...Peace, Love and Light to you and yours...and an Abundance of rain coming your way...

  • 8115504482?profile=originaldear jeff,hope you are well,do you know where maya teno heno went to? he came back,and now has gone again,he sent me this photo in the past saying it was a drawing of him,have you seen this drawing before? much love and light your way,evonne.

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  • kingjeff...hey...just saw your msg...the time just speeds away, months seem like days.  Good thing perhaps with millions of years of evolution coming together now.  We have always been rich and living in paradise, our mistake in perception was thinking the life was ordinary............infinite invisible huggggs.....


  • 8115127680?profile=originalThanks and blessings to you. Love, Aly

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  • dear Kingjeff,sending you many blessings for a very blessed weekend,and a vid link series titled The Angelic Army,it has other series to the vid of 1/7 2/7 3/7 etc,and one can view these after the first is viewed,by clicking on the various sequence titles of the series,and the series titles on right of the screen on the link,love,light,blessings eve.

    The Angelic Army - 2/7 - YouTube8114531858?profile=original…
  • 8114863883?profile=originaldear Kingjeff,sending you many blessings for today,love,light,blessings eve.

  • dear Kingjeff,the start of a new week is upon us,and even though the weather here is over-cast,and looks like more rain coming,(which is needed) especially the farmers in our rureal area who depend on it for there crops,do hope you have a wonderful week,with what ever activites you may have in mind for your week,want to share a couple of lovely images of Mother Nature with you,i have also shared them with Maya Tae,and i hope you enjoy them also,have a very blessed rainbow auric day,love,light,blessings eve8113903901?profile=original8114017055?profile=original

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Bundoora, Victoria


March 15

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Have followed the story of Jeremiah and Tephi into Ireland and his subsequent removal of the Ark of the Covenant to the Pacific. Have currently put in process 200pages plus powerpoint on that topic. I am currently Constable and Magistrate of Llawhaden Palace which is over St David's Cathedral Pembrokeshire, Wales. We are direct French, British, Irish, Scottish Plantagenet magdelene descent.

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External and internal. It says in those days I will turn your heart of stone to a heart of flesh in Ezekiel I think. I asked and was given the Star of David which I found was the modern representation of a very early Mu Symbol. The Hindu use it for their Symbol of Regeneration. Pakistan use it. I have changed it to the Interlaced Heart returning the feminine to the masculine uniting the Goddess to the God force. I have also in 1995 written down the Theory of relativity blending it together with quantum mechanics and have been using the methodology for healing the planet. Have been contacted by the starbrothers and have had a guided downloaded healing from one of their starcruisers because I was ready!!! They said. I live in Australia and my friend who was facilitating and observing is living in New Zealand and has a lot of spiritual gifts. I am connected with sacred teachers of the Origine and Polynesian cultures.

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