Hi People,


Well, I got a confirmation the other day, 9mths! Once Yellowstone goes all hell will break loose, so start prepping,

Volcanoes, tsunamis etc... and if you want to come to OZ for a holiday then come on over!



Get yourself stocked up with food and water, cause you will never know if "Shit Hits The Fan"



Have you ever thought what if... what will you do??? cause we rely on food etc being transported to us to buy..





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  • Hi Suzie, I've heard from Aboriginal doomsday preppers that Australia isn't safe either, and to make for higher ground. People are planting food and collecting seeds.

  • The ride will be smooth for everyone who learn to see their fate through a perspective larger than themselves.

    When you have an itch you scratch yourself but imagine what happens to the lifeforms on the microscopic level when you do that. To you it's just a scratch where you remove a few skin cells, but to them, it's a cataclysmic event. :)

    Here's a perspective of how lice may experience the sensation of being removed from a young boys hair. :)

    • lol there is so much wrong with this world... but we all agreed to it, including head lice. Must remember to Remain Calm :) So many people I know can't wait to get out of here. However gratitude and abundance work really well as mantras <3

      Love and Light! xxx

  • Since the final material earth is still in the making and haven't "left the factory" yet so to speak, there may still be room for some major reorganisations among the continents. Remember, the entrance to inner Earth is supposed to be fully exposed and there's supposed to be land from south america down the south pole.

    Obviously, this land will have to come from tectonic movements and volcanic eruptions. If we stop those things from happening, we'll delay the unification between Inner Earth and Outer Earth. :)

  • My Uncle said if Yellowstone goes, the whole world will be covered in ash except maybe down at the south pole and I sure ain't going there!  It won't go if enough of us keep a positive and peaceful vibration of love and peace flowing into the collective consciousness.   We really have more control over the forces of nature than HAARP or any other technology used in the wrong way.  My opinion anyway.  

    Many believe the negative prophesies of the Bible, Nostrademus and others will happen no matter what we do but Val has taught through the years that prophesy of any kind depends solely on things staying as they were when the prophesy was given and he cites scripture for the belief we can change the negative into positive if only a few channel only positive energy of the creator.  We create our own heaven or our own hell right where we are.  

  • Chillaxe, there's no need for panic. Everything that's happening now is mostly because of the mind synchronization of "human consciousness" as a whole.

    So, take it easy, let yourself flow away. I was wondering today... "whatever" that was my answer.

    Yes... "whatever" The hive-mind is trapped within an ego-centric prison, fake singularity. Opposite forces, both from the very same Source. Each neuron fails to realize they're all part from the same Brain. So they keep fighting against each other. Nice dream.

    I made a shift on reality a few nights ago. Sudden tempests, hundreds of golden lights surfacing across this fragile mind fabric. Black and white geometric shaped figures, watching all around me. Seagulls on the night. Blurry horizons, like the same old picture. Skies blinking away for a few seconds, white flashes. It's skipping its presence inside the dream... falling apart, crashing into so many pieces.

    This... is getting boring.

    This voice doesn't care about good and evil. It's above the game. It feels like Source, so static and yet faster than anything else. Watching the sound, speaking in colorful patterns. Dreaming Creations.

  • If yellowstone goes in 9 months, everyone in North America will have to migrate to Europe immediately to even have a small small small chance of surviving the aftermath. Are you ready to become equal to a south american or Syrian refugee in the eyes of the ones you'll be dependant on for survival the coming 40 years? ;)

    If nothing happens in 9 months you may be sued by about 300 million people though, and your family would have to put itself in debt for eternity to even be able to pay for your lawyer there. ;)

    But seriously, if Yellowstone goes in 9 months and you're not leaving america right now to have time to settle into a new life in a country that so far see you as a valuable human being instead of a mass-problem, you'll have no chance of survival. None at all.

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